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TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by Juanito on Today at 05:12:41 AM »
I'm reasonably sure that the problem is the kernel driver
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by pq5190362 on Today at 04:36:44 AM »
Doesn't seem like a dep related thing though. More like a X / driver related thing. I've bloated everything out of Core that I could think of but there is no way to make 3d work. Would be a shame if 6.x would be the last release to provide 3d on crappy old intel integrated graphics.


1. Download the ISO of the current daily build of Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus (which is using Kernel 4.8 at the time of writing this):

Unity version:
GNOME version:
KDE version:

2. Burn the ISO to a USB stick
3. Boot from the USB stick into the live OS (i.e. "Try Ubuntu without installing")
4. Check if 3D works
5.1 If it works: Then most likely the Kernel/DRM/Mesa/DDX stuff in Tiny Core Linux is outdated and is causing the issues
5.2 And if it doesn't even work on Ubuntu 17.04: Then maybe you should submit the issue on the freedesktop.org upstream issue tracker with setting Product to DRI via https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=DRI and setting Component to DRM/Intel
6. Let us know about the outcome  ;)
piCore Final Releases / Re: piCore-8.0 released
« Last post by Gerrelt on Today at 03:01:31 AM »
I finally found some time to change my tutorial to use version 8.0.

The changes to the tutorial were:
- alsa has to be configured differently now, it now uses alsa-utils instead of alsa-config. And the directory /var/lib/alsa has to be created and made persistent by hand.
- restoring the alsa settings (alsactl restore) is now done with a for-loop and a sleep, otherwise it could have been called before alsa was started.
- the default soundcard is now default on, i've described how to turn it off in case you use a different soundcard.

Everything is working fine now.  8)
Thank you for your work, Béla.
dCore X86 / Re: dCore wiki update...
« Last post by nitram on December 02, 2016, 08:46:05 PM »
dCore Base Installation -> dCore Installation Guides
-new dCore Boot and Installation from GRUB Legacy guide

dCore Screenshots
-cleaned up screenshot format

There appears to be some new dCore users around recently, feel free to upload a screenshot in the User Contributed Screenshots section (http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/dcore:screenshots#user_contributed_screenshots). It's nice to see how other systems are setup. The screenshot  upload instructions have been modified as the wiki does not appear to like *.jpg screenshots, please upload as reasonable resolution *.png, thanks.
Release Candidates / Re: dCore-stretch
« Last post by Jason W on December 02, 2016, 05:29:58 PM »
dCore-stretch has had it's base image updated due to minor updates to glibc and udev.   
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by Misalf on December 02, 2016, 05:05:56 PM »
Doesn't seem like a dep related thing though. More like a X / driver related thing. I've bloated everything out of Core that I could think of but there is no way to make 3d work. Would be a shame if 6.x would be the last release to provide 3d on crappy old intel integrated graphics.
TCE Q&A Forum / Re: firefox and openjdk-7-jre.tcz how to get the plugin
« Last post by coreplayer2 on December 02, 2016, 04:55:45 PM »
A java plugin may only be temporary and likely not required soon.  According to Mozilla, after March 2017 the only plugin allowed will be Flash, likely the latest v24+ currently in beta.
Firefox is likely getting a makeover, real soon.

TCE Q&A Forum / Re: firefox and openjdk-7-jre.tcz how to get the plugin
« Last post by nitram on December 02, 2016, 03:01:56 PM »
Oracle's latest Java 8 still provides the Firefox Java plugin, no need to use an outdated version. There are already enough security risks, especially if used in a workplace. JRE8 was recently tested to install and work in dCore using the dCore-java-installer command, which creates a nice SCE extension and Firefox plugin:

It probably wouldn't be too hard to manually create a TCZ instead, or modify the script, pasted below. Just manually download the JRE and follow steps from ~ cd "$UNPACKDIR" onward. Once created i think it was self-contained and didn't require any dependencies.

Oracle's JRE8 can be downloaded here:

The download contains the precious libnpjp2.so file, but if IIRC during dCore testing the entire JRE needed to be installed, maybe YMMV.

Of course this assumes you're okay using Oracle's software.

Code: [Select]
# (c) 2014 Jason Williams
# 2016 Java 8 update, help info, end of script notes, UI improvements and more by nitram
#  Based on script by:
#"                Java Installation Script (0.2)"
#"              Created by Mars11 "http.//mars11.com/""
> /tmp/select.ans
. /etc/init.d/tc-functions

if [ "$1" == "-h" ] || [ "$1" == "--help" ]; then
echo " "
echo "${YELLOW}dCore-java-installer - Create a JRE 8 SCE (Java Runtime Environment, eg."
echo "                       jre-8u92-linux-i586.sce).${NORMAL} Imports JRE only, not JDK"
echo "                       (Java Development Kit), may use option combinations."
echo " "
echo "If >1 web browser installed select from list, opens Oracle Java JRE 8 download"
echo "site, manually download file (eg. jre-8u92-linux-i586.tar.gz) to home"
echo "(eg. /home/tc/) or /tmp directory, then prompted to create the SCE."
echo " "
echo "Re-run this script and repeat the process when Java updates available"
echo "(eg. Firefox will flag Java plugin out of date)."
echo " "
echo "Oracle JRE 8 download site:"
echo "www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html"
echo " "
echo "Usage:"
echo "${YELLOW}"dCore-java-installer"${NORMAL}     Create a Java SCE."
echo "${YELLOW}"dCore-java-installer -b"${NORMAL}  Create a Java SCE, add SCE to sceboot.lst."
echo "${YELLOW}"dCore-java-installer -e"${NORMAL}  Create a Java SCE, search home and /tmp"
echo "                         directory for an already downloaded jre-8*.tar.gz file."
echo "${YELLOW}"dCore-java-installer -r"${NORMAL}  Create a Java SCE, create SCE in RAM."
echo " "
exit 1

echo " "

while getopts rbe OPTION
case ${OPTION} in
echo "Using the -r option."
sleep 1
echo "Using the -b option."
sleep 1
echo "Using the -e option."
sleep 1
*) exit 1 ;;
shift `expr $OPTIND - 1`

NICE=`grep "^NICE=" /etc/sysconfig/sceconfig | cut -f2 -d=`
if [ -n "$NICE" ]; then
if [ "$NICE" -gt 19 ]; then
echo "Using nice level 19, 19 is the highest possible nice value."
elif [ 0 -gt "$NICE" ]; then
echo "Using nice level "$NICE", only root can use negative nice values."
echo "Using nice level "$NICE"."
sleep 1
/bb/renice -n "$NICE" -p $$

echo " "
echo "${YELLOW}dCore-java-installer:${NORMAL}" && sleep 3
echo " "
echo "*  This script imports Oracle's Java Runtime Environment 8." && sleep 3
if [ "$EXISTING" != TRUE ]; then
echo "*  Ensure Firefox, Iceweasel, Nautilus, Midori or Chromium are loaded,"
echo "   otherwise see dCore-java-installer --help regarding the -e option." && sleep 3
echo " "
echo -n "Press Enter to proceed: "
read ANS
echo " "

if [ "$EXISTING" != "TRUE" ]; then

{ which firefox | grep -v ondemand ; which nautilus | grep -v ondemand ; which chromium | grep -v ondemand ; which iceweasel | grep -v ondemand ; which midori | grep -v ondemand; } | sort | uniq | select "Select a web browser to download Java (JRE 8):" "-"

read BROWSER < /tmp/select.ans
rm /tmp/select.ans

if [ "$BROWSER" == "q" ]; then
echo " "
echo "Load Firefox, Iceweasel, Nautilus, Midori or Chromium and re-run script,"
echo "otherwise download jre-8*.tar.gz to home or /tmp with another browser"
echo "and run 'dCore-java-installer -e' (see dCore-java-installer --help)."
echo " "
exit 1

echo " "
echo "*  Opening Oracle Java JRE 8 download page with "$BROWSER"." && sleep 3
"$BROWSER" http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html > /dev/null 2>&1 &
echo "*  Manually download jre-8u**-linux-i586.tar.gz to home (eg. /home/tc) or /tmp." && sleep 3
echo " "
read -p 'When downloaded press Enter to import Java Runtime Environment: '
echo " "


if [ "$RAM" == "TRUE" ]; then
mkdir -p "$UNPACKDIR"
mkdir -p "$UNPACKDIR"

FILE=`find ~ -name "j??-8u??-linux-i586.tar.gz"`

if [ ! -f "$FILE" ]; then
FILE=`find /tmp -name "j??-8u??-linux-i586.tar.gz"`

if [ ! -f "$FILE" ]; then
echo " "
echo "Java runtime or development release *.tar.gz file not found, exiting.."
exit 1

FILENAME=`basename "$FILE"`
PKGNAME=`basename "$FILENAME" .tar.gz`
DIRNAME=`dirname "$FILE"`

echo "*  Using $FILE."
sleep 3
echo "*  Copying "$FILE" to:"
echo "   "$TCEDIR"/import/debs/"
sleep 3
cp "$FILE" "$TCEDIR"/import/debs/
echo "*  Creating Java extension:"
sleep 3
echo " "

sudo tar -xvf "$TCEDIR"/import/debs/"$FILENAME" -C "$UNPACKDIR"


if [ ! -d usr/lib/jvm/ ]; then
    sudo mkdir -p usr/lib/jvm
if [ ! -d usr/bin ]; then
    sudo mkdir -p usr/bin
if [ ! -d usr/share/applications ]; then
    sudo mkdir -p usr/share/applications
if [ ! -d usr/share/pixmaps ]; then
    sudo mkdir -p usr/share/pixmaps

sudo mv ./j??1.8.?_?? usr/lib/jvm/java1.8

if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/java ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/java usr/bin/java
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/javaws ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/javaws usr/bin/javaws
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/jcontrol ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/jcontrol usr/bin/jcontrol
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/jjs ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/jjs usr/bin/jjs
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/keytool ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/keytool usr/bin/keytool
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/orbd ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/orbd usr/bin/orbd
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/pack200 ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/pack200 usr/bin/pack200
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/policytool ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/policytool usr/bin/policytool
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/rmid ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/rmid usr/bin/rmid
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/rmiregistry ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/rmiregistry usr/bin/rmiregistry
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/servertool ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/servertool usr/bin/servertool
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/tnameserve ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/tnameserve usr/bin/tnameserve
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/unpack200 ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/unpack200 usr/bin/unpack200
if [ -f usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/ControlPanel ]; then
sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/bin/ControlPanel usr/bin/ControlPanel

sudo cp usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/plugin/desktop/sun_java.desktop usr/share/applications/"$PKGNAME".desktop
sudo cp usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/plugin/desktop/sun_java.png usr/share/pixmaps/"$PKGNAME".png

if [ ! -d usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ ]; then
sudo mkdir -p usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java1.8/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libnpjp2.so

cd ..

if [ -f "$TCEDIR"/sce/"$PKGNAME".sce ] && busybox mount | grep " /tmp/tcloop/"^$PKGNAME$" " > /dev/null 2>&1; then
mksquashfs oracle-java321 "$TCEDIR"/sce/update/"$PKGNAME".sce -noappend
cd "$TCEDIR"/sce/update/
md5sum "$PKGNAME".sce > "$PKGNAME".sce.md5.txt
sudo rm -r "$UNPACKDIR"
mksquashfs oracle-java321 "$TCEDIR"/sce/"$PKGNAME".sce -noappend
cd "$TCEDIR"/sce/
md5sum "$PKGNAME".sce > "$PKGNAME".sce.md5.txt
sudo rm -r "$UNPACKDIR"

if [ "$ONBOOT" == "TRUE" ]; then
if ! grep -wq "^$PKGNAME$" "$TCEDIR"/sceboot.lst; then
echo "$PKGNAME" >> "$TCEDIR"/sceboot.lst
#echo "$PKGNAME entered in $TCEDIR/sceboot.lst."

echo " "
echo "${YELLOW}Imported "$PKGNAME".${NORMAL}" && sleep 3
echo " "
echo "Notes:"
echo " "
if [ "$ONBOOT" == "TRUE" ]; then
echo "*  $PKGNAME added to $TCEDIR/sceboot.lst."
echo "*  Run sce-load $PKGNAME to load this extension."
echo "*  Manually remove "$FILE" as desired."
echo "*  If old version installed:"
echo "       * Remove old /etc/sysconfig/tcedir/sceboot.lst entry"
echo "       * Reboot system"
echo "*  Firefox Java plugin installed, restart browser to activate."
echo "*  Java plugin test:"
echo "       *  http://java.com/en/ -> Do i have Java?"
echo "       *  http://www.test-java.com/"
echo "*  Import and load bash to launch ControlPanel (or jcontrol)."
echo "*  Default security high so most web applets won't run, at own risk use"
echo "   ControlPanel to add Exception Sites and modify security settings."
echo "*  ControlPanel can also remove temporary files, enable debug console, etc."
echo "*  Re-run this script to install Java updates."
echo " "
TCB Talk / Re: TC 8 already :)
« Last post by nitram on December 02, 2016, 02:30:18 PM »
Forgive this off-topic reply, this thread is now officially off-the-rails. Despite dCore being slightly heavier than TC, my old graphic hardware never worked better in dCore-jessie and stretch, as the required packages are readily available for import to make things work. For me it was Mesa related libraries. Misalf you may want to install dCore-xenial or stretch, test glxgears, SMPlayer or other benchmarking software and see what other imported packages may be required to make it work welll again. If you identify the culprit(s), then just provide the required extensions for TC8.
CorePlus / MOVED: Running rsync as a daemon on Tinycore
« Last post by Rich on December 02, 2016, 05:50:31 AM »
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