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Release Candidates / Re: dCore-focal
« Last post by PDP-8 on Today at 03:33:00 PM »
More missing Xterm notes:

Bordering on anecdotal crazy, it happened again, but perhaps some data points since I didn't write down every step:

1) Burned a brand new bootable Focal iso.  Used "as is", so I didn't use it to make another Focal stick.  Used tce-setdrive to set my data persistence on a different stick.

2) Everything is working, so I went ahead and loaded graphics-<kernel> package on boot.  Put into my sceboot.lst file.  No problem it all works.

3) But now I noticed later that only Aterm and UxTerm is in the applications menu.

4) So lets fire up xterm anyway from within Aterm with the usual commandline quickie

xterm -fa Mono -fs 14 &

Nope - complaints about not finding the font files.

5) Fiddled around and merely *looked* at .Xdefaults with vi without making any changes.

6) Now Xterm is back in the menu system.  AND now that it is in the fluxbox menus, the simple commandline

xterm -fa Mono -fs 14 &

brings up xterm with ttf fonts and looks great.

Argh - could be the southwest heat baking my brain.  I'll start over and keep better notes..  so weird for xterm to go missing upon first burn and then show up later.

I'm on the hunt now, so I'll do it all over again and keep better notes..
Off-Topic - Tiny Core Lounge / Re: what KEEP your interest with tinycore?
« Last post by PDP-8 on Today at 02:09:14 PM »
I'll disagree somewhat..

On the surface, this sounds great, but these days with modern hardware prices being so low, unscrupulous types can push old hardare stocks as a hidden way to dispose of e-waste / hazmat materials under the table for free.

Unless one gets a computer in pristine condition, why force disadvantaged into an endless chain of moving from one antique to another as the bios batteries dies, power supplies die, hard drives die, broken screens, even hazardous old crt's ?

Nevermind the power-consumption being about 10 times that of modern equipment!

To me it makes about as much sense as me running an old DEC 11/780, even if found in perfect condition, sucking up the equivalent of 5 hair dryers, space heaters, and a handful of vacuum cleaners?  Just waiting for part to die?

Hence my recommendation to modernize somewhat on something as easily available as an SBC, like a Raspberry Pi.  Running Pi-Core of course!  (Or, more consumer-friendly like my recommendation to the antiX guys to put something out for RPi's -- different forum.)

No bios battery to go bad.  Wall-wart for power.  HDMI monitor.  Cheap keyboard. Modern boot / storage from sd-card, or easy to find usb stick.  No big pile of trash to get rid of (or simply dump yet again).

Possibly similar to what the guys at the universities play with, and the kid working and studying his ass off to become educated won't feel like he/she himself is discarded material using some old trash for a computer.

Now there's an idea - get a community / university effort going to gather older raspberry pi's that users may have upgraded, and have sitting in their desk drawer to give away.

On the surface, I think you are on the right track, but times have moved on so much, that maybe a slight re-think is due, not only for modernization, but also a sense of self-worth with gear that the university guys are using - even if you will never be able to attend one.
Original question:
"what KEEP your interest with tinycore?"

Original question rewritten in Brazilian Portuguese:
"Why KEEP your interest in Tiny Core?"

I started on Tiny Core Plus earlier this year 2020.

We live in times where programmed or forced obsolescence exponentially increases the amount of waste on the planet, most of which go to third world or underdeveloped countries, as if they were donations to needy people.

When they are not electronic waste (referring to the previous paragraph, those that are no longer repairable), technologies in full operation are discarded due to the increasing requirements of hardware requirements (Processor and RAM) of MS Windows and various Linux distributions that follow o the same path, the path of programmed obsolescence!

In rich countries, where economic power and conditions must be greater, I believe, are better for the population, it may even be relatively easy to acquire new hardware in Brazil, with an equivalent US $ 1.00 (US dollar) R $ 5.34 (reais) quotation of 10-07-2020, excluding taxes, we will have to reuse and repair hardware with more than 15 or 20 years of manufacture, for a few more years, or as long as it is possible to keep them running.

Tiny Core Plus allows you to choose what will be loaded or not in memory, this is something that makes this distribution unique, for ordinary users it can be something that is "complicated" or imaginable, I believe it is due to lack of custom associated with the lack of knowledge.

For now, choosing the program (or the extension) to be loaded into RAM was not the greatest difficulty for ordinary users, I taught it to people over 58 years of age and with little knowledge of computers or almost no knowledge in computer science, for children about 8 years old, how to upload via graphic mode with the App, it was not difficult for them to be able to do it or get used to it, the biggest difficulty for them and also for me, is the lack of extension to translate Tiny Core Plus and programs that do not have a Portuguese translation, the translation being for Portuguese from Portugal or Brazil, we can understand, despite the variations between languages ​​of the same language, we who do not master English we struggle to understand translations that sometimes make no sense at all. This is what hinders the greater use of Tiny Core Plus by those who need this distro the most.

I hope that Tiny Core Plus will never become an operating system that forces computers to become obsolete due to increasingly demanding hardware requirements from the point of view of processing and memory consumption. And to continue organizing the programs (or extensions) in the same directory, as it already is, or organizing each program in its respective directory.

What's more, novice users like me are able to have the support of their colleagues in this forum, which makes learning this important operating system less difficult.

I would have several more lines to type to justify or argue "Why KEEP my interest in Tiny Core?" maybe the text would get extremely long and nobody would read it.


Original text in Brazilian Portuguese, translated into English by Google translator.


Pergunta original:
"what KEEP your interest with tinycore?"

Pergunta original reescrita em Português do Brasil:
"Por que MANTER seu interesse no Tiny Core?"

Eu iniciei no Tiny Core Plus no início deste ano de 2020.

Vivemos tempos onde a obsolência programada ou forçada aumentam exponencialmente a quantidade de lixo no planeta, a maioria vão para os países de terceiro mundo ou subdesenvolvidos, como se fossem doações as pessoas carentes.

Quando não são lixo eletrônico (referente parágrafo anterior, os que não possuem mais conserto), tecnologias em pleno funcionamento são descartadas devido as exigências de requisitos de hardware (Processador e memória RAM) cada vez maiores do MS Windows e de várias distribuições Linux que seguem o o mesmo caminho, o caminho da obsolência programada!

Nos países ricos, onde o poder econômico e as condições devem ser maiores, acredito eu, sejam melhores para a população, pode até ser relativamente fácil a aquisição de novos hardwares, no Brasil, com um US$ 1,00 (dólar americano) equivalendo R$ 5,34 (reais) cotação do dia 10-07-2020, sem contar com os impostos, nós teremos que reutilizar e consertar hardwares com mais de 15 ou 20 anos de fabricação, por mais alguns anos, ou o quanto tempo for possível mantê-los funcionando.

O Tiny Core Plus permite escolher o que será carregado ou não na memória, isso é algo que torna esta distribuição única, para os usuários comuns isso pode ser algo que seja "complicado" ou imaginável, acredito que seja por falta de costume associado a falta de conhecimento.

Por enquanto, escolher o programa (ou a extensão) a ser carregada na memória RAM, não foi a maior dificuldade para os  usuários comuns, eu ensinei para pessoas com mais de 58 anos de idade e com pouco conhecimento em informática ou quase nenhum conhecimento em informática, para crianças com cerca de 8 anos de idade, de como carregar via modo gráfico com o App, isso não foi difícil para eles conseguirem fazer ou de se acostumarem, a maior dificuldade para eles e também para mim, é a falta de extensão para fazer a tradução do Tiny Core Plus e dos programas que não possuem tradução para Português, a tradução sendo para o Português de Portugal ou do Brasil, temos como compreender, apesar das variantes entre os idiomas de mesma língua, nós que não dominamos o inglês sofremos para compreender as traduções que por vezes não fazem sentido algum. Isso é o que dificulta a maior utilização do Tiny Core Plus por aqueles que mais precisam desta distro.

Eu espero que o Tiny Core Plus não se torne, nunca, um sistema operacional que força computadores a se tornarem obsoletos devido aos requisitos de hardware cada vez mais exigentes do ponto de vista de processamento e consumo de memória. E que continue organizando os programas (ou a extensões) no mesmo diretório, como já é, ou organizando cada programa no seu respectivo diretório.

Além do mais, usuários novatos como eu, conseguem ter o apoio dos colegas deste fórum, o que torna o aprendizado deste importante sistema operacional menos sofrível.

Eu teria outras várias linhas para digitar para justificar ou argumentar do "Por que MANTER o meu interesse no Tiny Core?". talvez iria ficar extremamente longo o texto e ninguém iria ler.


Texto original em idioma português do Brasil, traduzido para o inglês por Google tradutor.
Off-Topic - Tiny Core Lounge / Re: Where you from?
« Last post by marcelocripe on Today at 07:06:28 AM »
Hello everyone, everything good?

I'm in São Paulo, Brazil


Original text in Brazilian Portuguese, translated into English by Google Translate.


Hello everyone, everything good?

I'm in São Paulo, Brazil


Original text in Brazilian Portuguese, translated into English by Google Translate.
Programming & Scripting - Unofficial / Re: Infocreator Script
« Last post by Sashank999 on Today at 06:14:33 AM »
Hi !

I have applied all of said changes, now its your turn to try.

New changes : Added help and usage commands, replaced some blocks of "if" code.
TCB Talk / Re: TinyCore x86 with a black screen + underscore
« Last post by Rich on Today at 05:47:06 AM »
Hi Sashank999
Do you have  Xvesa  and  Xorg  both listed in your  tce/onboot.lst  file? If so, remove one of them.
Raspberry Pi / Re: OK to pull out memory card once the system boots up?
« Last post by Rich on Today at 05:41:12 AM »
Hi ashfame
... Perhaps it would be better if I do this on a TinyCore x86 in a VM on my windows machine. That should totally cover the base for file permissions concern, right?
That would be fine.
TCB Talk / Re: TinyCore x86 with a black screen + underscore
« Last post by Sashank999 on Today at 05:19:07 AM »
Hi Juanito,

After executing first line of .xsession I got the error "/use/local/bin/Xorg line 8: /usr/local/lib/xorg/Xorg.wrap not found".

Hi PDP-8,

Mine is a laptop an I physically remove the power every time. Also tried adding intel_iommu=off to the bootcodes list but still no progress. My first TCL is 32 bit v11.1. It is the first version I got.
Raspberry Pi / Re: Disable backup / restore (persistence layer) completely
« Last post by Rich on Today at 05:13:21 AM »
Hi ashfame
... Wait a minute. Since I have always used those commands and never the UI option. I did see the "backing up" message on the screen at shutdown until I used "norestore" bootcode. ...

If you execute these commands:
Code: [Select]
tc@E310:~$ ls -l `which poweroff`
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 Jun  9  2019 /sbin/poweroff -> ../bin/busybox
tc@E310:~$ ls -l `which reboot`
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 Jun  9  2019 /sbin/reboot -> ../bin/busybox
You should see they are linked back to  busybox  which is not a Tinycore specific component. It knows nothing about backup or restore.
It exists in many different Linux distros. I would not be surprised to see a list of available commands if you opened a terminal on your
Ubuntu box and entered  busybox.
TCB Talk / Re: TinyCore x86 with a black screen + underscore
« Last post by PDP-8 on Today at 03:47:10 AM »
I've had this happen to me before when swapping out different boot sticks - and it may not pertain to your hardware.

One one of my boxes, (a small cheap hockey-puck sized mini-pc), when I change boot sticks, it seems to need to be powered down, *and the power physically disconnected* and then reconnected with the stick I want to boot from before applying power.  A simple power-off is not sufficient - I need to physically pull the power from the back of the unit and plug back in with the new boot stick already in place.

Seems like the system is taking an inventory of what is attached to the usb ports, and then quickly powers off internally waiting for you to manually power up.  I can see an led glow for a few seconds and then it all goes dark.

Then it is no longer confused leaving me at a blank screen.

I'm not a big hardware guy, but I was tearing my hair out when I discovered this.

Could just be my specific hardware, but thought I'd throw that out.

Either that, or did you upgrade to 11.1 and possibly need the intel_iommu=off kernel cheatcode?

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