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Raspberry Pi / Re: Python3.6 IDLE access help
« Last post by Rich on Today at 06:26:37 PM »
Hi FerociousRPi
Did you install  tk.tcz?
TCE Bugs / Re: Missing shared object for svn in new install (current)
« Last post by Nathan_SR on Today at 05:07:04 PM »
Thanks Misalf for pointing it out.

As it says:

It is easy to leave out a required dependency from your .dep file. Do use base norestore, and check the dependencies in particular.

An automated script/tool would be handy to check and correct it out, which is the subject of my posts here.

Another script/tool by Jason W already checks if the new extension will overwrite any existing libraries. My suggestion is an extension to that script. Hope all these scripts get documented, in that wiki page as well, for the benefit of future extension makers.
Raspberry Pi / Python3.6 IDLE access help
« Last post by FerociousRPi on Today at 02:04:23 PM »
Hello all,

Running TC on Raspberry Zero W. I'm trying to lunch IDLE from terminal but not having any luck. I did read something about a GUI way of accessing put can't locate info. Installed Python3.6.tcz, Python3.6-dev.tcz, Python3.6-doc.tcz. I'm trying to get IDLE to work and run into issues: "At the Python shell prompt type:

>>>import idlelib.idle"

"Your python might not be configured with Tk. **", file=sys.__stdrr__)
NameError: name 'sys' is not defined

Get similar error with:
$ python3.6 -m idlelib

I did see these two posts:

Can someone point me to the right direction with IDLE and how I can achieve this within MC?

Thanks in advance!
TCE Bugs / Re: Missing shared object for svn in new install (current)
« Last post by Misalf on Today at 01:52:32 PM »
Hi Nathan_SR,
as I understand it, extension creators are meant to test their extensions on a base vanilla system before submission.
See: http://wiki.tinycorelinux.net/wiki:creating_extensions#testing
Nonetheless, sometimes errors do occur.
Raspberry Pi / Re: Cannot see any Wifi networks on rPiZeroW
« Last post by Misalf on Today at 12:54:15 PM »
Great! Now problem solving becomes super convoluted. :p
TCE Bugs / Re: Missing shared object for svn in new install (current)
« Last post by Nathan_SR on Today at 11:19:19 AM »

Hi Rich,

I read through the entire topic, including the scripts, by Jason W. Great Work. He has prevented overwriting of current libraries by newer extensions, by that script.

What we are talking about in this thread, is to identify "not found" libraries of any Extension, be it already there OR newly submitted ones. Just imagine this: the author of a new extension, may have all libraries at his end, due to his installation of previous extensions and so the new extension works at his end, perfectly. But, when installed and tested on a Vanilla System, by our new users, the .dep file is missing some library dependencies, like the ones you identified in this topic.

So, the script, I am talking about, works in that angle of perfecting, any .dep file, including adding entries to it, automatically.

I hope you are getting my point. Please go through the script I gave above, closely, to understand, how it identifies, "not found" library entires from the ldd output and can re-build the .dep file, automatically.


Nathan SR
Raspberry Pi / @ Rich
« Last post by atomant on Today at 10:10:48 AM »
Thanks, although i kinda feel i simply stumbled upon the solution rather than worked it out. And yes, i did not notice any problems with the keyboard itself. Must be gremlins.  :)
TCE Bugs / Re: Missing shared object for svn in new install (current)
« Last post by Rich on Today at 10:00:48 AM »
Hi Nathan_SR
Here is a thread with a similar script:
TCE Bugs / Re: Missing shared object for svn in new install (current)
« Last post by Nathan_SR on Today at 09:45:29 AM »

Hi Juanito,

I guess, my post is not understood properly. I am talking about a way of detecting library dependencies of binaries, either in all Extensions, automatically OR for an individual / future Extension, submitted, on demand.

This will prevent issues like the one in this topic.


Nathan SR
TCE Bugs / Re: TC 9.0 repo includes duplicated old libdevmapper.tcz
« Last post by Juanito on Today at 09:05:41 AM »
libdevmapper removed from tc-9.x x86 repo
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