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General TC Talk / Max resolution
« Last post by wotikar on Today at 12:48:08 AM »
We have PiCore up and running booting from TFTP. We also want to connect it with a large TV with a resolution of 3840 x 1600. The problem now is that the TV has black borders at the left and the right. How can we fix this?
Could you elaborate why? TC does not have any touch interface either. An old-style touch screen, with a stylus, works fine, but a finger is too inaccurate for computer-sized UI elements.
A light bulb went off in my head while reading what you wrote! : )

standard physical HDD have a circular disk structure,
if we think of the disk as a clock in the sense of synchronicity
especially regarding power cuts;
on the point of safe backup of data.
a copy of what he started typing at 12 o'clock
capable of backing up at 6 o'clock
do you have a file part system!?

* 1st rule of physics 1 thing cannot be in 2 places at the same time.
this situation ; means that the read-write pin cannot damage the backup data during a power outage.
subject to ; this backup system will naturally divide the capacity into 2 in the middle! : )
** (of course; the rules change at the point of quantum physics:)

Serious corporate companies always back up long-term data on HDD, as per their data recovery policy!

If we say "Yin and yang" to the name of this format, I think everyone will understand :D
CorePlus / Re: no GUI on CorePlus
« Last post by Rich on January 16, 2022, 09:13:57 PM »
Hi fredmyra
... tce-status -i lists  tc+install

but when I try to run it I get :         "-sh: tc-install not found" ...
The executable in that package is called  tc-install.sh.

... Then I booted it again and installed it to an empty already ext4 formatted  partition on a Toshiba external disk, ...
Is this a USB drive? Maybe you need to add a  waitusb=5  boot code?
CorePlus / Re: no GUI on CorePlus
« Last post by polikuo on January 16, 2022, 09:07:23 PM »
I tried booting the installation pendrive in text mode and experiment with tc-install. 
tce-status -i lists  tc+install

but when I try to run it I get :         "-sh: tc-install not found"
If i Try to load it (again) I get :  "tc+install is already downloaded

You have only downloaded the extension, but didn't install it.
Download: (wget)
Code: [Select]
tce-load -w tc-installInstall:
Code: [Select]
tce-load -i tc-install
CorePlus / Re: no GUI on CorePlus
« Last post by NewUser on January 16, 2022, 08:56:12 PM »
When you installed Core plus on the external drive, did you choose to install all apps?
A few months ago, I bought a pinephone with the "convergence package", knowing full well that the operating systems - all of them, including the pre-installed Manjaro - are beta level (at best).

The hardware itself seems to be just fine but there's been little progress in the software moving toward full usability.  Of course it doesn't help any that I've been using TC for so long that I barely know how to navigate the desktops on some of the heavier distros.

The operating systems I've tried all seem to boot ok, but various bits of functionality and usability just aren't there - At the application level, none of the operating systems has a usable camera app nor a usable POP3 client.  At a lower level, other bits of functionality/usability are lacking also.  Something as seemingly simple as the date/time setting widget not working, for instance.  So I haven't even activated my simm card in order to try out actually making calls and such - there's no point until I can use it more fully.  So it's a $200 dollar toy at this point.

Assuming the operating systems for the "PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition" are in a similar state (which I think is a good assumption), I wouldn't recommend paying twice as much for the newer model because the hardware does not seem to be the limiting factor.

I downloaded a handful of updated OS images just yesterday - postmarketos, opensuse, manjaro, mobian and maemo-leste - but I haven't tried them out yet.  I'm not optimistic as it's only been a couple of weeks since the last time I tried them, but I'll post here if I see some success.

In the mean time, TC on the pinephone would be fantastic even if it -didn't- have all of the telephony stuff.


对于FAT32设备来说,为了避免乱码,国际化语言支持,感觉上来说mout -t iocharset=utf8感觉是必须的选项,否则对于FAT32设备就可能会出现乱码现象。wbar里面的mounttool感觉没有考虑这些,不知道在其他语言下面是怎么弄的?这个问题希望tinycore官方重视下,改进代码,并且深度测试其健壮性。

diff的结果,够呛能够粘贴上来,因为Internal Server Error,太不容易了。


BTW, it's called rebuildfstab not rebuilderfstab.
哦,论坛我打字打错了,真实的文件是没错的,因为我都是直接ctrl+C CTRL+V过去的。
用你的方法,kernel panic没有了,但是出现了新的问题。

It's good to hear that you have solved the kernel panic problem.

It would be nicer if you show us the difference the diff output of your modification.
Code: [Select]
diff -u rebuildfstab.old rebuildfstab.new
Also, have you set it as excutable yet ?

[Edit] BTW, it's called rebuildfstab not rebuilderfstab.

恭喜你搞定好kernel panic的問題

麻煩你貼一下你改過的所以細節,最好用diff -u


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