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TCE Q&A Forum / Oracle VBoxAdditions for TC 5.2
« Last post by duane on Today at 12:10:18 PM »
I have TC 5.2 installed in a Virtual Box.  The modules for the VBox Additions are no longer available as they were for TC 4.  How do I install these?
dCore Imported Extensions / Re: udisks
« Last post by Jason W on Today at 11:10:59 AM »
I fixed a critical issue regarding the udisks and dbus packages.  Re-import both of them and try again.  I am not fluent in e17 so I am not familiar with how it's icons work.  But udisks did not work previously, and now it does by the command line at least.

The fix to dbus may also fix the issue we have seen with Wicd recently.
Corepure64 / Re: firmware-radeon small bug
« Last post by nick65go on Today at 10:28:15 AM »
Both of those can be done with bootcodes?

blacklist=pcspkr kmap=azerty/fr-pc

Thanks curaga, this I did from the beginning. And I read the wiki too.

- still there is some old info in wiki about Xorg input classes (Section "InputDevice" is ignored, now is "InputClass" for synaptics and keyboards wthen edev is used by default).
- I am dissecting core in bits, to remember how a great suite of programs could fit in so small size. So I wonder why we have now a link in the root (/linuxrc, we were good even without it) and a lot of extra links in /lib (like libc.so.6 -> lib-2.17.so,  instead of simple one renamed as libc.so.6 which ldd shows as needed).

It will not make a huge difference in size or speed, I know. But the spirit of the core is to be the smallest and easy to understand (pedantic, didactic). Not any extra fat if not used, or use better alternative replacement.

The easy acceptance of bloat like pulseaudio, or systemd, are examples of cancer spread to linux.
Do we need a monolitic aor modular kernel? I prefer modular up to the bones, for learning.

This is not criticism, just my rant over.
dCore Imported Extensions / Re: libreoffice not starting
« Last post by Jason W on Today at 07:24:50 AM »
I see the same in Wheezy using libreoffice 4.2.6 from backports.  Below is a bug report for the same version in testing.  I think we will just need to wait until they fix or update the package in backports/testing.  If the next update to the package does not fix it, then I will dig deeper into it.

TCB Talk / Re: Which package (if any) contains /lib/ld-*.so
« Last post by mocore on Today at 04:57:54 AM »

Perhaps you are looking for http://git.tinycorelinux.net ? but thats just some of the ingredients afaik !
dCore Imported Extensions / libreoffice not starting
« Last post by jls_legalize on Today at 03:07:12 AM »
Code: [Select]
jls@eeepc:~$ libreoffice
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'com::sun::star::uno::DeploymentException'
TCB Talk / Re: LLVM/clang++ extension
« Last post by meka on Today at 12:33:16 AM »
Too bad... but thank you!
Corepure64 / Re: firmware-radeon small bug
« Last post by curaga on August 19, 2014, 11:10:54 PM »
Both of those can be done with bootcodes?

blacklist=pcspkr kmap=azerty/fr-pc
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