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Title: Micro Core v3.4
Post by: roberts on December 18, 2010, 07:55:38 AM
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the release of Micro Core 3.4:


Change log for Micro Core v3.4:

* Updated ab2tce.sh to terminate if appbrowser is aborted by killing X.
* Updated mountables.sh to support labels and 10+ partitions on a single drive.
* Updated rebuildfstab to support unpartitioned but formatted drives.
* Updated tftpd to support alternate user.
* Updated .profile added MANPAGER='less -isR'
* Updated tce-load adjustment for spurious message with copy2ram.
* Updated getdisklabel for speed and embedded spaces support.
* Updated select, to return 'q' when selected to calling program.
* Updated ab to handle received 'q' and tmp file cleanup.

Note: .profile has been changed to add FILEMGR=fluff for use by mnttool and MANPAGER env variable.
Update your .profile as deemed necessary, e.g.,

cp /etc/skel/.profile /home/tc/.profile

Note: As usual the distribution files are located:

This allows easy access for a simple and quick update of existing systems.

Note: Updated Xprogs.gz and wbar.tcz are needed when adding full X capabilities.
For further information see the announcement for Tiny Core