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Title: Micro Core v3.3
Post by: roberts on November 22, 2010, 08:07:24 PM
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Micro Core 3.3 is now vailable.

Change Log:

* New boot code nozswap - Skip compressed swap in ram.
* New tce-run - load and run tcz, e.g., tce-run xmms, This is the association to run .tcz directly from file manager.
* Updated tce-audit to support default pathing and ext (.tcz) greatly improves CLI usage.
* Updated tce-load to un-mount meta (empty) extensions.
* Updated tce-setdrive to support call via AppBrowser.
* Updated tc-config - dropped settime boot code.
* Updated tc-config - moved wait_scsi_scan inside nofstab check.
* Updated ondemand generated scripts to pass command line arguments.
* Deleted unused /etc/udev/rules/64-md-raid.rules

Note: Xprogs.gz and extensions, flwm,tcz, flwm_topside.tcz, and wbar.tcz have been updated.

Note: See announcement of Tiny Core for other X related changes and notes: