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Title: tinycore_v3.2rc2
Post by: roberts on October 03, 2010, 11:57:48 AM
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Tiny Core 3.2 rc2 is now available for testing and preview.

* Updated busybox to 1.17.2 + patches.
* Improved language translation support in Appsaudit, Wallpaper, and Swapfile.
* Updated Appbrowser to handle long .info file lines.
* Updated Appsaudit & Appbrowser to eliminate spurious trailing null item in FLTK browser widget.
* Updated tce-load for case of missing dependency file.
* Updated filetool.sh: -d for dry run option, comparerestore boot code, and improved encryped backup restores.
* Updated filetool GUI to support options of None/Backup/Safe.
* Updated tc-config: moved 'protect' and 'secure' after extension loading to support alternate layout keyboards.
* Updated AppsAudit OnDemand logic so no reboot required to move from OnBoot to OnDemand.
* Updated ondemand script for selection and removals of OnDemand items.
* Updated ondemand for better support of freedesktop removals and pathing.
* Added ondemand directory to PATH.

Note: You will need to update your .profile to get PATH update.
cp /etc/skel/.profile ~/.profile

Note: You will need to re-make any ondemand items that were made under a freedesktop DE, e.g. LXDE
Title: Re: tinycore_v3.2rc2
Post by: jls on October 04, 2010, 02:44:55 AM
using a freedesktop wm (e17) I put in ondemand tv-player via appsaudit.
I use wbar.
In /usr/local/tce.wbar I see:
Code: [Select]
c: /home/tc/.local/share/applications/ondemand-tv-player.desktop
which doesn't work.
the icon in wbar is correct but in the .desktop file I see:
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Title: Re: tinycore_v3.2rc2
Post by: roberts on October 05, 2010, 08:05:05 PM
Corrected. Thanks for the heads up.