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Title: microcore_2.3RC1
Post by: roberts on August 15, 2009, 12:15:36 PM
The First Release Candidate of v2.3 (microcore_2.3RC1.iso), is now posted and ready for testing.

Change log for v2.3 Release Candidate 1

* New tce-audit command line tool for PPR reporting and extension mark for deletion.
* Updated rc.shutdown to delete "marked" extensions.
* Upgraded busybox to 1.14.3 with new taskset, timeout, mksfs.vfat & acpid applets.
* Implemented busybox.conf for user umount, ping, passwd.
* Updated tc-terminal-server to support microcore image.
* Updated tce2tcz.sh to use squashfs
* Updated tc-config, moved dhcp to after restore to support firmware loading extensions.

Updated microcore components: