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Title: Virtual Desktops (VM's also)
Post by: vinceASPECT on March 16, 2022, 08:45:35 AM
HEllo F,

........does anybody know whether Virtual Desktops ideas extend to them actually
causing OS and machine to do better memory management?

.........the Msoft  win10 pro machine here seems slightly sluggish and of course the Lame
DSL signal isn't helping  4 megabit/s........

..........trying to make Hardware respond better.......maybe a swifter web browser helps
(  MIN  browser is such  )

..........VM's and Hyper V has completely failed on this win 10 pro machine...........no idea
why or how to sort it out..........
Bios seems fine with all Virtual Hardware set correct......etc..........errors about services NOT LIVE i just can't sort out

........would love to do the standard win 10 Re-install from it's option in control panel  ( 10 minutes)

but surely it should first allow you to SHUNT the existing "Live OS" into a spare partition as
 "continuing to exist and SAVED........."  then do the win 10 RE-INSTALL into a new fresh partition

not sure how that scenario plays out.........


Title: Re: Virtual Desktops (VM's also)
Post by: Rich on March 16, 2022, 09:06:40 AM
Hi vinceASPECT
You have one OS hosting another OS, each with its own memory management. I don't see how having 2 layers of
memory management could possibly make things run better or faster.
Title: Re: Virtual Desktops (VM's also)
Post by: vinceASPECT on March 17, 2022, 04:16:47 AM

Sir, thanks or replying ........

.........it's really just extraneous issues with Msoft OS's here........they contain oceans of bugs.

Those bugs, over time, Likely lead onto causing sluggish machines Rich..........and that starts me off moaning.

Rich, i would happily just start from scratch here, but there is just one SSD running win 10 pro 64 and i still want to keep that situation.......while starting out a completely fresh win 10 again

.......i don't own the msoft  DVD's..........so the only possible option is the (10 min) win 10 reinstall from the win 10 control panel..........but that's too invasive for me..........

honestly Rich?........i will just run browsers & stuff in RAM drives, which is unadulterated flow.......

but the faulty "Hyper V"  here....... sadly that isn't something i can easily solve..
(tried a while)



There is TCL here .......  :)

Title: Re: Virtual Desktops (VM's also)
Post by: patrikg on March 17, 2022, 08:15:22 AM
You don't need to own the Windows 10 media.
You just need a correct windows key that are associated to that computer.
You just download the windows 10 ISO file and burn that to some USB Drive.
Then you can boot from that USB Drive and reformat your SSD and reinstall windows from scratch.

What you loose is some specific drivers that are associated with your computer.
You have to download this from your computer manufacture.

Some computers also have a specific partition on the SSD to make a hole fabric recovery of the operating system. You have to read how to boot to that recovery option.

But if you don't have that you need to download some drivers.
It very easy if you download the iso file from linux and burn the iso from windows with program like rufus.

Just go the the link with a webbrowser in linux to:

If you go to this link with a windows webbrowser you will be redirected to another link.
You can avoid that with some tricks in Chrome, like hold down <CTRL><SHIFT><I> to enable Tools for Programmer, and then hold down. <CRTL><SHIFT><M> to enable Mobile Mode. And then just reload that page you will not be redirected any more.
Title: Re: Virtual Desktops (VM's also)
Post by: vinceASPECT on March 18, 2022, 01:03:46 PM
ahh right Pat

to be honest Sir,  there is an acid solution to this issue via the tool called "HyperOS" so that's what i am doing.

it's applicable to all computer hardware and software OS's and seems perfect.