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Title: Genode OS Framework project
Post by: mocore on August 05, 2020, 03:09:18 AM
i happen to have heard of a new (to me) OS that appears conceptually similar to tiny core diy philosophy  ( tc is a toolkit OS / Genode OS Framework)

and after reading some examples ruining tc within genode !!




http://xcodevn.github.io/genode/ #Tinycore run on Genode

Has any other forum members heard of or used this `Genode OS Framework project` ?

... after watching some presentations on the architectural design / goals of the project 
Im interested to learn more about Genode and related projects progression !

Title: Re: Genode OS Framework project
Post by: nick65go on August 05, 2020, 04:28:24 AM
thanks for sharing the info!
my personal interest is in minimal resources request + sand_boxed appls. the only ways I know about are to run linux64 (for drivers) and [if in neeed]:
- chroot in linux32; plus eventualy wine (for windows appls)
- run a VM (virtual machine)
- use software protection, like firejail.

After your read more about this "Genode", maybe you kindly share the KEY points/advantaje to use it versus its competitors.
Title: Re: Genode OS Framework project
Post by: nick65go on August 05, 2020, 05:55:12 AM
oh, the book has 523 pages  :-\
 (https://genode.org/documentation/genode-foundations-20-05.pdfMaybe)Maybe I will read part of it, but without a BEFORE-HAND focus-goal.. see you next year (to share my opinions).
Title: Re: Genode OS Framework project
Post by: mocore on August 06, 2020, 05:47:39 AM
hi nick65go
no problem!

tbh at this point idk ,
just saw it mentioned in some feed while scrolling
- & it sounds interesting 

presumably the question is better directed at the genode-list ,

Seeking help
The best way to get assistance while exploring Genode is to consult
the  mailing  list,  which  is  the  primary  communication  medium  of  regular  users  and
developers alike. Please feel welcome to join in!
Mailing Lists

thanks for the book link , i did see it was available but have a copy now! & just found the above link while scanning through it , that and this !..

Recommended  development  environment
Genode  is  regularly  used  and  devel-oped  on  GNU/Linux.   
It  is  recommended  to  use  the  latest  long-term  support  (LTS) version  of  Ubuntu.   
Make  sure  that  your  installation  satisfies  the  following  require-ments:
•  GNU Make version 3.81 (or newer) needed by the build system,
•  libSDL-dev  needed to run system scenarios directly on Linux,
• tclsh and expect  needed by test-automation and work-flow tools,
• xmllint  for validating configurations,
• qemu , xorriso , sgdisk ,  and e2tools needed  for  running  system  scenarios  on  non-Linux platforms via the Qemu emulator.

For  using  the  entire  collection  of  ported  3rd-party  software,  the  following  packages
should be installed additionally:
byacc , autoconf2.64 , autogen , bison , flex , g++ , git , gperf , libxml2-utils , subversion , and xsltproc

so perhaps d-core could be used to create such an environment suitable for genode development!

Title: Re: Genode OS Framework project
Post by: nick65go on August 07, 2020, 02:00:25 PM
I spent plenty of time reading (and enjoyed!) on Wikipedia, about MINIX (1/2/3). microkernels, monolithic kernels, genode audit/builder concepts.

I just opened a can of worms: so much info about alternative CPU types, security, various Unix OS flavors.
It could take me months just to read this sort of material, without doing something else (like walking, smell flowers, listen to music/birds, gain money  :P )

I would prefer a slower and secure microkernel, instead of a faster and compromised monolithic kernel. Anyway today CPUs are a lot faster than my normal needs.
I am a user, not a developer (to audit the appl., the system) and I prefer to just use appl. ready made. My time is (relatively) limited, and I need to chose wisely how to invest it.