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Title: prboom
Post by: Ruslik on March 10, 2019, 09:47:26 AM
I'm one of the fan of DooM. I decided to install (compile) and play PrBoom on TCL.
But I have one problem. After the TCL had rebooted, prboom-plus dissapeared from "/usr/local/share/games" with "doom"-path in "/usr/local/games". What I do wrong?
Title: Re: prboom
Post by: Rich on March 10, 2019, 10:00:05 AM
Hi Ruslik
You need to learn about persistence. The operating systems directories (/bin, /dev, /etc, /lib, /mnt, /proc, /run, /sbin, /sys, /usr, /var)
all get rebuilt from scratch every time you boot. Unless made persistent,  /opt  and  /home  get restored from a backup file. Changes
made to the operating systems directories should either be backed up or packaged as extensions. I think you'll find this book
very helpful in learning about how Tinycore works:
You should probably also spend a little time looking through the Wiki: