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Title: Insert specific character in a command line (having a different keyboard layout)
Post by: Santos on January 27, 2019, 05:42:02 PM

First of all, i'm really happy with TinyCore and dCore. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of software.

Second, the post itself.

When i use kmaps with my laptop i can't perform certain operations in the command line, because i use a spanish layout in a us keyboard, this mean i lost a couple of usefull keys:  < >

So when i was done with LibreOffice and want to redirect some important output to somewhere i have to exit to the tty and change the layout to US again. And this is really a waste of time, instead of getting work done i have to change everything just to put this precious characters in the terminal: < >

Anyway, this does the job:

$ eval cat $(printf '\076') /dev/null
$ eval cat $(printf '\074') file

076 is the ascii code for: >
074 is the ascii code for: <

This is pretty much a workaround because it doesn't work with END HERE operator, this method CAN'T do this (If for some reason you have bash, it will show up an error. If you use busybox sh it won't do anything):

$ cat <<EOF

I hope this helps someone.