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Title: 64 bit lxterminal may be missing adwaita-icon-theme?
Post by: aus9 on July 08, 2018, 03:15:13 AM

without adwaita, when you go to
Edit -> Preferences to change the font size from the GUI for lxterminal
you may get blank boxes

if you load adwaita-icon-theme those boxs become the minus and plus signs

(2) offtopic
I have privately build the update to v 0.3.1 but attempting to make a font change in Weston....it hangs with adwaita loaded.

In Weston.....just doing commands works for me no gremlins for current version
Weston users might have to use the excellent tip to tweak the config file before running lxterminal but my testing skills on Weston may need improving

thanks for reading