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Title: Arm SoC
Post by: cast-fish on May 17, 2015, 07:23:46 AM

it's such a shame isn't it that the "sort of" boot process and Uboot ......the way in which each native piece of Arm hardware gets comprised into a SBC is going to be slightly different.

Difference enough that it renders non operation of the hardware in relation to it's Kernel. (there are specific builds needed...Uboot)

How did this situation come about? since Linux is a generic kernel and Arm a generic platform? What isn't generic here is
the software stack right? at that point right?. Uboot.

It's my understanding that this therefor causes a global
incompatability in those 3 elements and the subsequent requirement of "unique" devs of a low cost product-lines in the handheld (MID) devices.

it's widened if you consider maybe twenty five other SoC venders but it's all still ARM.  (Mediatek, Actions, Marvel, Allwinner)

i guesse it must be about licensing peripherals and manufacture or some hardware sbc platform. Anrdoid is a Linux Kernel and it's free.

I think the answer around my post  (my notion of having a compatable generic world of cheap computers) is about using those tools that just install Linux in a few clicks alongside Android.

That chroot idea (Apps like "complete Linux installer" from google store) just needs a few caviaets of the Kernel.

Then regular user land people could dramatically widen the usage of these devices instead of the above mentioned issues of compatability. It does exist somewhat.


Title: Re: Arm SoC
Post by: core-user on May 17, 2015, 08:43:58 AM
It's just like when home computers came on the scene no 2 were compatible, Atari, Amiga, BBC, IBM, DEC, etc. It took IBM to issue a standard 'PC' infrastructure before we had compatibility. Hopefully/eventually, the makers of ARM chips will see sense & standardise them too.
Title: Re: Arm SoC
Post by: cast-fish on May 17, 2015, 10:08:54 AM
sorry i typed a reply but then hit a bad key combine.....yikes

Uh, yes, hardware manufacturers.

Was just trying to see it from the point of view of them

 and how to make profit