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Title: gz startup script
Post by: Lee on April 10, 2013, 02:56:27 PM
From the change log in the announcement for Core 4.7.6:
* Updated tce-setup to support startup script for gzs.

Is there something in the works regarding the use of gzs?  The only one I've used recently besides core.gz has been ntfs-3g.gz and I had thought the gz loading functionality was destined for obscurity.
Title: Re: gz startup script
Post by: roberts on April 10, 2013, 08:53:27 PM
I am always looking forward, considering and evaluating how new options/features might be deployed in Core. I cannot say for certain what might be in 5.0 other than some things are being actively coded and  evaluated.

As for cpio gziped additional initrds they are for sure not a thing of the past. They are and remain a viable option for loading extra functionality be it modules, as in the example you gave, or to merge additional code into the base OS available at startup before attempting to find and load extensions. Adding startup script capability just adds to the usefulness of the system.

Core being a kit means you have much to consider when "building up" your system. gz startup scripts is one more tool for your consideration.