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Title: Tiny Core Linux 1.4.2
Post by: roberts on May 09, 2009, 09:29:59 AM
A maintenance release of Tiny Core v1.4.2 is now posted.

* New cd_dvd_symlinks.sh to create symlinks for cdrom and dvd to kernel devices.
* New udev rule 75-cd-dvd.rules to auto create symlinks, needed by applicatons loooking for generic cdrom/dvd names.
* Updated flpicsee with scaling, zoom levels, and tool tip.
* Updated .jwmrc-tray to use layer="3" to work around JWM bug with applicatons opening under task bar.
* Added tce-wget wrapper for easier CLI alternative to appbrowser.
* Updated settheme to use generic HOME.
* Updated cpanel to start tftpd to use generic HOME.

Files that have changed in your home directory and are likely in your backup or persistent store: