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Title: ffmpeg-ffserver.tcz => ffmpeg-0.7.tcz
Post by: gutmensch on May 27, 2012, 03:34:08 AM

TC release cycle: 4.x

Renamed: ffmpeg-ffserver.tcz => ffmpeg-0.7.tcz, server .deps changed accordingly.

Also renamed corresponding libraries:
libavutil.tcz => libavutil50.tcz
libavcodec.tcz => libavcodec52.tcz
libavformat.tcz => libavformat52.tcz
libavfilter.tcz => libavfilter1.tcz
libavdevice.tcz => libavdevice52.tcz
libswscale.tcz => libswscale0.tcz
libpostproc.tcz => libpostproc51.tcz

Reason: end of life of ffmpeg 0.7, avoid problems when upgrading ffmpeg

Additional info: added new ffmpeg-0.10.tcz with all new major versions of libs

Title: Re: ffmpeg-ffserver.tcz => ffmpeg-0.7.tcz
Post by: nick65go on May 27, 2012, 01:01:55 PM
thanks for updates

but there are also other deps which should be updated; from tc 4.5.3 dependency list:
For deadbeef.tcz libavformat52.tcz is missing!
For deadbeef.tcz libavcodec52.tcz is missing!
For deadbeef.tcz libavutil50.tcz is missing!
For farsight2.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For filezilla.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For glib-networking.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For gssdp.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For gupnp-igd.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For gupnp.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For lftp.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For libnice.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For libsoup.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For linphone-mssilk.tcz libavcodec52.tcz is missing!
For linphone-mssilk.tcz libswscale0.tcz is missing!
For linphone.tcz libavcodec52.tcz is missing!
For linphone.tcz libswscale0.tcz is missing!
For pidgin.tcz farstream.tcz is missing!
For tigervnc-viewer.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For vlc.tcz libavcodec52.tcz is missing!
For vlc.tcz libavformat52.tcz is missing!
For vlc.tcz libswscale0.tcz is missing!
For vlc.tcz libpostproc51.tcz is missing!
For vlc.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!
For wine.tcz gnutls2.tcz is missing!

Title: Re: ffmpeg-ffserver.tcz => ffmpeg-0.7.tcz
Post by: gutmensch on May 27, 2012, 01:18:17 PM
your local .dep files are out of sync, please follow the procedure mentioned here: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,13342.0.html (http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,13342.0.html)