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Title: tinycore_v1.4rc1
Post by: roberts on April 20, 2009, 10:15:28 AM
Now posted Tiny Core V1.4 Release Candidate 1.


* New virtual disk support. (see notes)
* Updated watcher. Now supports no swap option.
* Replaced busbox losetup with gnu, for cryptohome support.
* Moved startup script processing to occur before restore.
* fl_picsee replaces imlib2_view.
* Update .jwmrc screenshot menu option.

Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:
Title: Re: tinycore_v1.4rc1
Post by: roberts on April 20, 2009, 10:17:56 AM
Virtual disk support (tcvd, tiny core virtual disk) is new in Tiny Core v1.4

This was primarily setup for Qemu support, but is useful for anyone.
It uses the Qemu virtual disk image ext2, a loopback file.

To use first specify the 'harddisk' file with the tcvd boot option followed
by your regular boot optons using tcvd, examples:

boot: tinycore waitusb=10 tcvd=harddisk tce=tcvd restore=tcvd

This will autoscan for the file named harddisk in level one directories and
setup mount capabilities as device tcvd. The subsequent tce=tcvd and restore=tcvd
will use the virtual drive special device.

boot: tinycore waitusb=10 tcvd=sda1/harddisk tce=tcvd restore=tcvd

This will look for the loopback file named harddisk on sda1 and setup a special
device tcvd used by the other boot opitons.

boot: tinycore waitusb=10 tcvd=sda1/qemu/harddisk tce=tcvd restore=tcvd

This is/was the typical Qemu setup that I used in Damn Small Linux.
Again a special device tcvd will be setup and then other boot options are able
to use it.