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some sane CLI way to handle gsm modems would also be nice. but i think that's something that can be postponed for now.

Sorry, I have no access to gsm or 3g/4g modems. As it is I have very limited access to WPA/WPA2.
However, much progress to report on the wifi tool.  I hope to release it as part of the 3.7 & starter packs release.

it's similar here. i've briefly had a gsm modem.

and it's pretty sad that gsm stuff can be clicked through with network manager, but cli leaves a LOT to be desired.

What I liked when using a UMTS/3G device was this 200K script It's a standalone file, which unpacks on the fly - and it worked far better than the typical NetworkManager PITA, which requires lots of deps but lacks stability. Unfortunately I don't have a 3G device right now to test it on tinycore, but maybe another one jumps in here...

What I liked in most of them is how they are just modems, no need for complex apps or scripts at all. I used a Nokia EDGE modem some years ago, it was just a few lines of PPP config and online.


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