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Hmmm. I have an ath wifi card and netgear router and using wep or wpa2 is fine.

Why would booting be involved with the unless you added ' auto' to your boot process?
Which you should only do upon success via the icon as instructed in the info file.

Very interesting that you claim that subsequent use of does nothing.
What error(s) if any are displayed when run from an xterm?

If you have never successfully connected then your wifi.db should be empty.
If your wifi.db is empty and you have added the instruction auto to your boot process then that whould explain things.

However, FWIW, is frugally functional. Tested on three different wifi cards and several routers without issue. However, no claim that will be a panacea for wifi issues.

If you added to your boot process, remove it.
Boot with the network starter pack. Before using, type

iwconfig to see that a wifi device was successfully made. Which BTW, is the real purpose of the network starter pack.

If you have a very slow to register wifi device then you may have to resort to manual commands, e.g.,

sudo -s
iwconfig <yourDevice> essid <yourSSID>  key <yourPassword>
ifconfig  <yourDevice> up
udhcpc -i <yourDevice>

Updated network starter pack (network.gz) now posted! This has the updated

Robert: Do I take it that the update to '' is the only change? In the other two annoucements you did ca. 2h ago you specified that the icon changes were the only ones done.

I for one will pace myself with updating the downloaded starterpacks for just an icon change. Likewise if the only change to this starter pack is anyway included in the 'wifi.tcz' extension I'll just update my extension.

Which reminds me of another request I have: Would it be possible to publish the scripts you use to build each starterpack (or make the exact list of extenions included in each pack know in some other form)?. This way I (and maybe some others) that would only need to download one to help with troubleshooting other users problems might not need to download them (hereby I assume that the relevant extensions are anyway locally at hand in an up-to-date version).

roberts: is the only change with the caveat that any updates to embedded extensions would also be included. Starter packs are mostly collections of extensions. The exception is install.gz grub4dos.gz which contain tc-install* and tc-grub4dos* which are not offered as extensions.

Network Starter Pack updated now includes v0.3.
For details see:


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