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The Third Release Candidate of Micro Core v3.7 is now posted and ready for testing.


Change log:
* New added kernel module for NTFS to base, allows read access to NTFS partition.
* Updated rebuildfstab now supports NTFS-3g when ntfs-3g extension is loaded allows read-write access.
* Updated tc-functions to better handle tcvd virtual disk.

Note: That Xprogs.tcz and wbar.tcz also have updates when using Microcore as a base and then adding on the X environment.

Change Log rc2:

Change Log rc3:

* Updated to eliminate duplicate functionality with loadpack GUI.
* Updated iso images to add shortcut label tc and adjusted F2,F3,F4 screens.
* New multicore.iso Tiny Core / Micro Core / Installation & Network Starter Packs

Note: New versions of wbar.tcz Xlibs.tcz and Xprogs.tcz currently in

Booted mutlicore iso with 'mci'.
Ran and selected c for[C]drom.
Could not find system file(s): boot directory.

My CD drive is hde.
I tried with and without mounting it first.

Seems to be a old bug in console (interactive version) of If you look at where I store the cdroms, in /etc/sysconfig/cdroms, likely your hde entry has an extra space at the end. Removing that space and rerun the program should make it proceed. I will look into why the extra space.

Thanks for testing and reporting.

Correct on the space.

I chose Frugal install and get:
The following extension(s) are required: syslinux

which syslinux

There is nothing in /usr/local/tce.installed/

Apparently, the starter packs don't update tce.installed/ with the included modules.

That test is no longer valid as the installation program is only available with the starter pack. I thought I had removed it.

gz's load into ram as part of the base OS and therefore do not update tce.installed, or other tce  specific extension based files.


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