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ntfs-3g.gz issues

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Jason W:
The setuid and setgid bit seemed to have worked.  Uploaded fix.  Please further test and see.


how's the ntfs-3g.gz done? Just by unpacking ntfs-3g.tcz and running cpio, or are there any other differences?

A separate ntfs-3g.gz would take off >40% of the The Full/Lite Core images, and would bring it closer to the original Tiny Core Linux, in being the same files with just a different boot loader as well as offering some additional tczs already included.

Jason W:
The starter pack gz's are essentially converted extensions.

I've done some research on the ntfs-3g.gz for the next version of script.

As a result I've got a suggestion to make:
- add a link /usr/local/sbin/mount.ntfs -> mount.ntfs-3g
- add a file /etc/init.d/tc_noscan.lst copied from tinycore.gz with the "ntfs"-entry left out

If you add these two, auto-detection of the tce base files will work on ntfs as well as on fat, even with Tiny Core 3.6.

I hope, I was fast enough for 3.7. :)


Great suggestions!  :)


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