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ntfs-3g.gz issues

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Several queries for ntfs-3g:

1. I can't see this pack anywhere by itself in the download locations. It's worth having this on its own.

2. xfe right-click action mount does not seem consistent - sometimes it will mount my ntfs drive, others not and I can't see yet what the different conditions are.


Jason W:
Since the starter packs are a collection of what is normally in several extensions for either networking or installing, unlikely that just a converted ntfs-3g.tcz will be offered.

I have ntfs on the laptop I am using now, I will try to see what the issue is with xfe.

Jason W:
Xfe seems to rely on the same capability of mounting/umounting and viewing that the underlying system has.  When run as regular user, it will mount an ntfs partition when listed as ntfs but not as ntfs-3g.  The command line mounting/umounting shows the same behavior.  So it is not an issue with Xfe in and of itself, as it is simply not imposing more rights of the user on the system than the system environment allows.

This may or may not be what is causing your issue, but it is what I observed on my box.

I am not sure what the outcome here is - is it a problem with xfe or with mount or with ntfs-3g?

Jason W:
Changing the perms on the ntfs-3g binary seems to make it work, and this is a fix that I had read of elsewhere when folks were having the same issue.  Will update later today.


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