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CD boot options?

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No plans to offer various and sundry combinations of prepacks in additional iso images.
Perhaps it is best to incorporate such in the remastering scripts?

As per Gerald's twice made suggestion, see first post in this thread as well as

I have decided to offer an additional iso, an installation and tools CD. So far it looks like:


--- Code: ---  _
 ( -  Tiny Core is distributed with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
 //\         A Busybox & Fltk minimal desktop.

-=[ Tiny Core / Micro Core / Installation Collection / Starter Packs ]=-

Press <Enter> for Tiny Core or type the following for alternate choices:

tc      Tiny Core
tcn     Tiny Core with wifi & firmware tools
tci     Tiny Core install with Sysliux  tools / HDD / USB-ZIP / USB-HDD
tcg     Tiny Core install with Grub4dosl tools & NTFS support.

mc      Micro Core
mcn     Micro Core with wifi & firmware tools
mci     Micro Core install with Sysliux  tools / HDD / USB-ZIP / USB-HDD

Or Press F2, F3, or F4 to view boot options help screens, F1 returns here.

--- End code ---

This is an addition. Both tinycore.iso and microcore.iso will remain.

I am using plain text with isolinux for maximum boot support. As such, I find that isolinux does not seem to like a "-" embedded in the initramfs names.

Also given the fact that boot stanza's have limited number of characters,
we will need to change the existing starter packs to accomadate both issues.

Much needs to come together before 3.7 will be released.

I'm glad to read that "tinycore.iso and microcore.iso will remain".

As you are in the process to shorten the boot labels (at least on the "combo.iso") may I suggest to extend this "feature" also to the 'isolinux.cfg' files of the exiting images (i.e. 'tinycore' -> 'tc', 'microcore' -> 'mc').

As I use the ISO files a lot to boot VMs I'll have to enter always the full name when using boot codes and these nice two-character labels would be greatly appreciated.

OK to label shortcuts.


--- Quote from: roberts on May 29, 2011, 09:30:10 PM ---OK to label shortcuts.

--- End quote ---

This has an additional benefit for DOS based Linux loaders (e.g. microcore.gz would not be compatible).



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