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System crash possible due to too less ram / too heavy applications

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Hi there,

got a quick question.
Is it possible, that my system crashes due to too less ram or too heavy applications ?

I have a Geode CPU with 256MB RAM.
Then I started Opera as internet browser (and left it in background) and started mp3 playback with XMMS (files are coming from a NFS mounted filesystem).
After a while my system crashed.


Now I left the Computer with XMMS playback running for a while, without Opera in the background.
Until now, no problem.
Will test it for another while.

This has been known to happen when browsers (not just Opera) have a cache larger than the available RAM.  If you shrink the size of your browser's cache it should be okay.  Another option is to use a persisent home, though that might be inconvenient for some users.

Did you try using swap?

Jason W:
You did not mention which mode you are running in.  I would use either tcz extensions or a mounted /usr/local (PPI) to save ram if you are not already.  Even 256MB of ram can fill up quickly with loaded tce extensions and the memory that apps consume.

My machines have 256mb installed on each typically, and I find either using tcz extensions or a mounted /usr/local almost a necessity for even casual use given the memory that modern apps, especially web browsers, demand.  Couple the tcz or PPI mode with a persistent home as mikshaw mentioned and you would have a very memory efficient setup.


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