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screeny of my new setup

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Dell Mini 9 | 2GB Ram | 8GB SSD | 8GB SD Card | Micro Core | Xorg | i3 | dzen2 | dmenu

A little bit about my choices: I discovered lightweight WMs (mainly tiled ones) and did not want all of the bloat of gnome, kde, etc. etc. I wanted bare bones so I can install what I want. Tiny Core did that tremendously for me. The only exception was xmonad which as a developer I am feeling is more like a joke than anything (not to offend anyone). It is just terribly difficult to get on a system that doesn't have precompiled binaries for ghc (as the ghc compiler is written in ghc). I noticed wmii and i3. I found wmii lacking in some areas and decided on i3. I was easily able to port my xmonad scripts for a dzen status bar to i3. I really just overlaid 4 bars on top of the i3 default bar. And there you have it. My new netbook system. I have firefox, gimp, and xpdf to name a few so far. Thanks Tiny Core!! Please leave any comments you feel necessary : )

That looks more like a thumbnail than like a screenie   :P

Why a tiling wm on a netbook? Do you happen to use an external screen?

in theory, the tilling is to maximize the proportion of screen used, i wrong?

however, the shoot is small and therefore not very satisfactory, but the palette does not seem to hurt

I was limited by the attachment size : ( when I get home from work ill post a full screenshot hosted on photobucket or something as I like my layout quite a bit : )

As far the tiling window manager goes, vinnie got half of it. The biggest reason though? Keyboard navigation. Most of your tiling WMs are managed solely by the keyboard and while the Dell Mini 9 has a nice touchpad, I have always found mice an inconvenience...even on desktops. Just always been a CLI kind of guy and set up more keyboard shortcuts than I would know what to do with! Only thing I couldn't do? Move windows... that's where the tiling WM comes into play :D

I hate the trackpad, I much prefer the touchpoint, but unfortunately I do not have (.ing patents).
O.t. this is lulz


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