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TinyCore Forum and Distro Complaint - I ain't getting my coffee and cig time


RE: TinyCore Forum and Distro Complaint - I ain't getting my coffee and cig time

You know when I am running my Trojan infected W2K - at least while waiting for screens to load and swearing at my laptop I have time to get a cig lit, take a sip of coffee - sometimes even start lunch before the ap loads, the next screen comes up or the Romanian virus gets done uploading my banking info to their partner in Nigeria.

That ain't happening with either the creation of the TinyCore pen drive, the boot and today I sort of noticed the TC login and forum pages are PDQ as well. As a result I may be a bit cranky - smokers and coffee drinkers are like that when you take that stuff away from them. You have my apologies.

Hey! Just got an idea for a new feature.

"Users who aren't used to this and want a screen and ap delay timer installed so it feels more like the system they're used to can now run slowdown. Click here. We are also developing a new package called reformat monthly for those of you who enjoy losing 90% of your data and rebuilding your system from scratch every few days. We'll let you know when we have a beta release you can use to corrupt your hard drive and after that, we'll see if we can't get something to make your bios feel right at home as well."

Windows users would eat it up.

Reminds me of the BSOD xscreensaver....   ;D


My old Compaq Deskpro would only boot TCL from CD, so I would have to type in boot codes. Then I made a version of the ISO with the bootcodes included so it could boot with just a button push. This gave me enough time to push the power button, go to the fridge for a beer, and be back just as the desktop appeared. The "beer boot".

Now with an AMD box that boots from USB it only takes a few seconds -- and often I let it run for a week at a time anyway. So I have to grab the beer first.



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