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encrypted backup - problem to restore it

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i succeeded in creating an encrypted backup, but although i tried different boot options, i am not able to restore it.
my configuration:
usbstick installation 3.5.1 with two partitions: tce on /dev/sda2 with lable tc

one of my boot-codes
tinycore usbwait=5 restore=tc/tce protect

although there is a /mnt/sda2/tce/mybackup.tgz.bfe the prompt asks me two times for the encryption password.
the backup-bfe-file is not used and the restore-option over the gui-panel-application doesn' t work.

it would be great, if you could give me a hint.

See: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=9148.0

thanks, i' ve got it.

is there a way to encrypt the mydata.tgz.bfe manually, just for the case that i need a file or just want to look in the uncrypted tgz-package?

i get this error-message, although i used the right password (it's not a kmap problem!):
tc@box:~$ bcrypt mydata.tgz.bfe
Encryption key:
Invalid encryption key for file: mydata.tgz.bfe

is the command-line bcrypt different to the protect-mode-bcrypt?

is it possible to encrypt mydata.tgz.bfe (protected backup) with bcrypt on the command-line?

To encrypt mydata.tgz from command line use:

bcrypt -c mydata.tgz

You will be prompted to enter pass phrase twice.
Output will be mydata.tgz.bfe

To un-encrypt:

bcrypt -c mydata.tgz.bfe

You will be prompted for the pass phrase

To see how I did this via a script look at /usr/bin/filetool.sh


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