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Firefox in kiosk mode

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Does anyone know if it is possible to run Firefox in kiosk mode in TC?
And if it is, how?


yes it is, i believe there are posts in the forum about same or similar topics. but in short, i would do it the following way:

1. evilwm as wm started on boot;
2. load firefox extension on boot, and
- either make a start script in order to execute firefox after x has been started.
- or put "firefox &" (without quotes) at the end of your .xsession file.

that should do it

Hi Alu,

I was able to install real kiosk addon.
I downloaded the .xip file an loaded it in firefox as an extension.
I have only one question : under X, can I run only firefox and not the whole window manager?


probably not since a wm is needed in order to frame the apps running in x, i.e. in your case firefox. but you can use an almost not visible wm such as evilwm which would give the impression that firefox is running without wm.

Works for me sans wm with opera.tcz in kioskmode   ;)


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