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Hosting custom kernels


If you feel there's a specific need not addressed by the standard kernels, and would like to have your build hosted by us, here's the checklist:

- mention you would like to do so to someone on the team

- name it descriptively in the uname string. It must not include "tinycore". Example: "-realtime"
- there's one external module in the base currently, ramzswap, you would compile it here and copy to where the other modules are.
- run sorter.sh to produce a set of module extensions. These may be posted via the standard procedure.
- extract base_modules.tgz, run depmod on it, repack as a cpio. This is suitable for use with many bootloaders without remastering, or with grub with remastering.
- send us the kernel and this cpio archive, suitably named. Example: "bzImage.realtime", "realtime.gz"

These last two files will be hosted at 3.x/contrib. Feel free to document your build and using it in the wiki.

Note that if your kernel is 64-bit, please use the compcache tarball from our mirror instead of upstream 0.6.2. There is one fix for 64-bit kernel and 32-bit userspace in that, on top of the standard 0.6.2.

Can somebody explain what the hosted gc-kernel is?

A kernel I created primarily in order to solve an issue of unsupported hardware.  I still need to repack the modules into appropriate extensions.


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