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kmaps.tce / Polish layout and wird diacritic marks


I'm looking for help with keyboard layout. I installed kmaps.tce and added line to bootlocal.sh:

--- Code: ---loadkmap < /usr/share/kmap/pl.kmap
--- End code ---

I tried also with pl1.kmap, pl2.kmap, pl3.kmap and pl4.kmap. I backed up data and rebooted system.

It looks like layout is changed, but when I try to type diacritic marks, it returns wird characters.

Could be that problem with charset or fonts...?

btw. Sorry for poor English quality - it isn't my primary language.

<edit> I just installed Xorg and changed keyboard layout in xorg.conf. Works great.

Please, show your xorg.conf!
i have the same prob with ukrainian! How do you change language? How to add more keyboards to kmaps?


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