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Rich:  I think I tried experimenting with the SendCoreEvents adn CorePointer attributes but did not come up with a combo that worked in TC 4.3 in Xorg or Xvesa.

All: Created a Tiny Core 4.4 installation on the Toshiba.  Replaced all my kernel -3.0.3- specific extensions with their -3.0.21- counterparts, and updated all the other extensions using AppsAudit (not many).  Xvesa worked the same as before: no 1366x768 graphics mode.  915resolution.tcz did not help.  Xorg 7.6 works with the VESA driver, but now the Xorg-7.6-3d extension does not work, just get a black screen.  Same for the Xorg 7.5 and the Xorg-7.5-3d combo.  I think sound is problematic too.

Seems like Tiny Core 3.8 is the best option for this Toshiba T215.   :-\


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