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Author Topic: Mirco Core v3.2  (Read 6648 times)

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Mirco Core v3.2
« on: October 14, 2010, 01:14:02 PM »
Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Micro Core 3.2 is now vailable.

Change Log: 
  • Updated busybox to 1.17.2 + patches.
  • Updated tce-load now handles case of missing dependency file.
  • Updated filetool.sh: -d for dry run option, comparerestore boot code, and improved encryped backup.
  • Updated tc-config: moved 'protect' and 'secure' after extension loading to support alternate layout keyboards.
  • Updated ondemand script for selection and removals of  freedesktop items and improved pathing.
  • Updated inittab-save with askfirst for tty3-6 for memory savings when using multivt boot code.
  • Removed stats.txt from /opt/.xfiletool.lst
  • Added ondemand directory to PATH.
Note: You will need to update your .profile to get ondemand PATH update.                                                                                           
cp /etc/skel/.profile ~/.profile 
Note: See announcement of Tiny Core for other X related changes:         
Note: Xprogs.gz and wbar.tcz have been updated.
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