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There are some items in Apps and ScmApps to be translated for tc4.5.2!

Sure, initiating the upload. Sad that this can't be automated.

I dont get it.
I would really like to participate as im translating some of the tc- programs into danish anyway i might as well do it the right way so all can benefit from it the easiest way.
How does one get the translations working in TCL? i thought i had my envoriment set for danish on serverel machines but i have never seen a danish translation even though i see there is quite alot.

1. Install support for your chosen locale, via getlocale.tcz. da_DK maybe?
2. Set it, either via bootcode, shell start file, .profile, or any other desired way. The getlocale output suggests the correct bootcode.

Now all apps that have translations for that language will show them. Dates, numbers etc will also be in the local form.

i use da_DK.utf-8 and as i understand the languange docs it should be utf-8

But ok I guess i should just help with filling up the gabs in the translations before winning about not seeing any danish translations in the programs :)

I think i get the locale.h and bindtextdomain path as the technique and the languange file needs to be present there...


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