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Tinycore is great! I really like the system! BUT... i am now working only with my netbook and can not get the default 1024x600 resolution... I heard about 915resolution.tce but i can only connect in internet via wireless (that does not work after tinycore boots up...) So, here is the question(s):

- How to setup the correct resolution?

- It will play videos via mplayer or even flash videos from youtube direct in the browser?

- The Xvesa with tinycore has composite support?

- If i can not find some applications under tinycore package management, is there any specific package from another distro that i have/can use?

Ok, that's a lot of questions... I hope someone can help me.


Couldn't you place the needed extensions on to a pendrive?

Your questions might get answered to a big part by searching the forum.

I have 915resolution.tcz as one of my "onboot" extensions, and I think that it is supposed to work automatically in most cases.  At first, the 1024x600 resolution on my Dell Mini 9 didn't work, but it finally kicked-in for some reason.

By the way, what is the brand-model of your netbook?

I use Mplayer-nodeps.tcz, as it has no dependencies and plays movies within the frame buffer, but there are gtk versions in the TC repository.  You can install mainstream browsers with the proper plug-ins/extensions that will allow you to play video within the browser.

Don't know about composite support in Xvesa.

Don't know about using packages from other distros.

No composite in Xvesa.


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