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Running without a keyboard attached


Hi there,
A tip for those running Tinycore from a USB stick without a keyboard attached. 

Once I'd finished setting it up (with keyboard) and went to run it for real (without keyboard) the system booted fine, but did not load any extentions nor did it restore the backup.

I added the bootcode waitusb=[a number goes here], and tried again (without keyboard) and extensions are now loaded and backup restored.


Sounds like you made a heaadless server or appliance.
Care to share what you made?


Digital picture frame on a HP diskless thin client.  Use a wireless usb adapter and SSH into the frame. FTP to move new photos onto it.  Cron starts and stops the display.

Currently making a new one with added photo control via a infrared remote control controlled by LIRC.  Have also added a small LCD module (4 lines by 21 characters) controlled by LCDd and a php client to display real-time weather data from my weather station.

Very much a work in progress... but it's a lot easier with Tinycore than it was with DSL.  :-)



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