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Step-by-step instructions how to add or remove wbar entries (tcl-3.3)

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Step-by-step instructions how to add or remove wbar entries for tc 3.3 or later

To add stuff:

1. Create a calling script eg myscript (no extension) for your app/function and drop this script (or a hyperlink to your app or script)  in /tce/ondemand. (If you have trouble finding /tce/ondemand, it is created with any ondemand items.)

2. Create an icon with exact matching name, except for the extension, eg myscript.img. Drop this icon (or a hyperlink to it) in /tce/ondemand. Make sure the icon will be available when wbar starts, and that the name is an exact match, or wbar will not start at all.

Note that anything you add like this, will also appear in the window manager's right-click ondemand menu.

3. Restart X to have the new entries effected.

To remove entries which you have added before:

Start AppsAudit, and use OnDemand. Simply click on the entries in the right column to blow them away.

To hide icons for items you added, or any icons:

Start wbarconfig, and click on entries in the left column. To unhide them click on entries in the right column.


Thanks a lot... :D :D :D :D

Thanks :D

The original instructions have been obsoleted by the new tools in tcl-3.3. The first post has been updated with current instructions.

Can I change the icon of an app which doesn't use ondemand?

Eventually I would like to have two icons calling the same app, but with different options and icons.


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