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VL-Hot, the udev automounter of Vector linux


There was an article yesterday on, I happened to read it today:

It's about how HAL is heavy, and how Vector uses udev to handle HAL's task event-based instead of polling. It pops two icons on the desktop, one to mount & open the dir, and one to umount.

They also wonder why other light distros haven't used it or something similar.

Well, it was a nice read :)
TC has had an udev-event-based solution from the beginning, and it's more advanced than VL-Hot (which has been in development since 2006). In TC we add new devices to fstab, making mounting easier, and staying out of the user's way. Mount tool looks these up from fstab too.

So, kudos Robert, for thinking ahead and building a great solution :D

Jason W:
Yeah, I am glad also of how Robert has crafted this distro.  I could use no other after about 8 months of TC.  Our boot times are unmatched by any other non-embedded platform, especially considering the extensibility that is offered.

Vector Linux was my first distro after starting with Suse, and my time with it accounted for much learning.


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