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Jason W:

--- Code: ---Title:          seamonkey.tcz
Description:    Seamonkey web browser
Version:        2.0.5
Author:         The Mozilla Community
Original-site:  www.seamonkey-project.org/
Copying-policy: MPL
Size: 18M
Extension_by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is the official build of Seamonkey.
                Depends on gtk2 and it's deps.
                This extension is PPI compatible.
Change-log:     ----
                2008/03/30 First version
2009/04/10 Next version 1.1.16
2009/06/25 Updated to 1.1.17
2009/09/11 Updated to 1.1.18
2009/10/29 Updated to 2.0
2009/12/17 Updated to 2.0.1
2010/02/22 Updated to 2.0.3
2010/04/07 Updated to 2.0.4
Current: 2010/06/23 Updated to 2.0.5

--- End code ---

i have a small problem
with the application installed I have the command "seamonkey" on terminal, but if I unmount the disk from where boots tinycore, this shortcut is lost.
Would it be possible to create a symlink from /usr/local/seamonkey/seamonkey-2.3.2/seamonkey in /usr/local/bin/ to the next update of package?

Jason W:
Since there is also a gtk1 version of seamonkey, I intentionally left out a /usr/local/bin/seamonkey symlink.

But since the gtk1 version is likely seeing less and less use over time, I will make the current gtk2 version add that symlink.

thanks jason  ;D
At the past time an idea could be used as a symlink "seamonkey" for GTK1 and "SeaMonkey" for gtk2 version.

Jason W:
Yeah, a symlink could be made for the gtk1 version.  I would prefer seamonkey-gtk1 as I have a preference for all lower case, keeps things simpler to remember in general.


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