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Please continue testing the alpha versions of Tiny Core v3.0.

Alpha4 is now posted:


Change log for alpha4.

* Updated zlib 1.2.5
* updated ncurses  5.7
* Updated sudo 1.7.2p6
* Updated pcmciautils 017
* Updated module-init-tools 3.11.1
* Updated util-linux-ng
* Updated libpng 0.43
* Updated libfreetype 2.3.12
* Updated libImlib2 1.4.4
* Updated tc-config, tce-setup, startx, desktop.sh for legacy window manager support of freedesktop and ondemand.

fluxbox, hackedbox, jwm, jwm-snapshot, icewm will soon be posted in the 3.x extension area.


The new alpha looks great! Haven't run any big testings, but the programs I use seems to work like they should. The most complicated I've done so far was playing pacman on the google site. Good work!

Have fun improving the new 3.0 Tiny Core,

Hi again!

Had to try fluxbox and it works just like a charm.

Have fun,

Rox-filer extension is broken in Alpha 4

Boot Alpha 4 without any extensions
Install Rox-filer via Appbrowser
The icon shows up but nothing happens when you click it

Boot Alpha 3 without any extensions
Install Rox-filer via Appbrowser
The icon shows up and opens a filer window when clicked

I can NOT confirm the reported problem with rox-filer.tcz on TC 3.0alpha4.

It works for me after booting a "plain" system from ISO (no backup, no persistence, i.e. "cloud" mode) both in GUI mode (using the 'wbar' icon or the 'Applications' menu) as well as in CLI mode (via rox from a 'xterm').


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