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Author Topic: star-cups-driver  (Read 4896 times)

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« on: May 19, 2010, 04:14:11 PM »
Thanks to wonderfulll for:

Code: [Select]
Title: star-cups-driver.tcz
Description: Star Linux CUPS Raster Driver with printers .ppd files
Version: 3.0.0
Author: wonderfulll
Original-site: www.starasia.com
Copying-policy: GPL
Size: 92KB
Extension_by: wonderfulll
Comments: Driver for Star printers.
Includes .ppd for: hsp7000r.ppd.gz, sp717.ppd.gz,
tsp143.ppd.gz, tup542.ppd.gz, hsp7000s.ppd.gz,
sp742.ppd.gz, tsp143gt.ppd.gz, tup592.ppd.gz,
hsp7000v.ppd.gz, sp747.ppd.gz, tsp651.ppd.gz,
tup942.ppd.gz, sp512.ppd.gz, tsp1000.ppd.gz,
tsp654.ppd.gz, tup992.ppd.gz, sp542.ppd.gz,
tsp113.ppd.gz, tsp700II.ppd.gz, sp712.ppd.gz,
tsp113gt.ppd.gz, tsp828l.ppd.gz
This package was tested with CUPS 1.3.11 and Star
TSP700II(connected through parallel port).
After that you can print using lpr command or just
echo -ne "\ntext you want to print\n\x1B\x64\001" >
/dev/lp0 (last charecters are for cutting).
Note: if your printer is connected through parallel port
you need to 'modprobe lp' on boot.
Change-log: First version
Current: 2010/05/19