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Jason W:
Thanks to  Jason Qualkenbush for:

--- Code: ---Title:          vmware-view.tcz
Description:    VMware View Open Client
Version:        4.0.1 (235010)
Author:         VMware View Open Client project maintainers
Original-site:  http://code.google.com/p/vmware-view-open-client/
Copying-policy: LGPL v 2.1
Size: 1.5M
Extension_by:   Jason Qualkenbush
Comments:       VMware View Open Client lets you connect from a Linux or
                Mac OS X desktop to remote Windows desktops managed by VMware

                - This extension was created from the 32bit binary tarball

Change-log:  2010/05/12 - First Version
Current: 2010/05/12 - 4.0.1 (235010)

--- End code ---

I have installed vmware-view.tcz onto tinycore. How do I use it?

Sorry...I'm a PC guy.

Try google?

In case there isn't an icon showing up in the lower icon bar for vmware-view, you can just open a terminal, type vmware-view and press enter. Apart from that "special linux thing", you will of course need your VMWare View host to connect to ;-)

Since 4.0 is not very recent and the icons are not in freedesktop layout, I'll try to put an update in the pipe.

For good news: Using the 4.0 TCZ, I can connect to my View-4.6 environment.


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