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ASUS EeePC 1000 touchpad sensitivity

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Readers: I intended to post the following here, but somehow I got it posted under the TCE section.  Here it goes again...

I love the way TC 2.10 works on my ASUS EeePC 1000, except for one thing... the touchpad is way too sensitive to tapping.  Actually, I get a lot of accidental tap reactions while I'm typing, and I don't think I actually touch the touchpad surface.  In the Fedora installation I also use on the EeePC, there is a .fdi file that adjusts the various touchpad settings to more reasonable values, and I don't get as much accidental tap events.  Is there a way to adjust things in TC with the standard Xvesa setup (I don't have the full Xorg installed right now).  Thanks for any suggestions!
Mike L.

Hi MikeLockmoore,
I have same problem with you, are found the solution?

You need Xorg & synaptics to adjust the touchpad.

On my Eee900 I take a direct approach to the problem. I cut out a small piece of plastic from a milk jug--just the size of my track pad. When I type anything long, I  slide that cover into position and render the trackpad temporarily inoperative.

OldAdamUser2:  ;D Low tech, but effective!  Maybe I'll try it on the Toshiba if I can't get synaptics driver working under Xorg.


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