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[NOTICE] Rules for posting in this section


This section's intention is to hold a list of remasters, or remixes, and discussions of them. Limited to a single topic area,

It should also be noted that any posts in this section are unofficial and unsupported.  Please note that specific remaster support, and their related announcements should be directed to their sites (see point 3).

Threads should be created with the following template:

--- Code: ---Title:
<text here>

<text here>

<text here>
--- End code ---
which will have

1. A title - also in subject.  (Don't use the same name as TC/MC!)
2. A short text description
3. A link to the site - must contain full sources, including TC/MC's

- mirroring the 3.x/release/src tree is currently sufficient for base 3.0 sources
- if applicable, version specific sources can be found under its respective version directory in archive

Only GPL compliant remasters will be allowed to be posted.
For more information, that is very easy to understand, please read the following article:


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