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extension installation will eventually fail after about 7-10 have been installed


I've been experimenting with the optional application installation process for awhile now and have discovered that after about 7-10 tcz extensions have been installed the "next" one will fail to install. The number and order does seem to affect what happens. In all cases the dialog completes ok but some part of the install fails. Sometimes the extension is in the /usr/local/tce-installed directory but no icon (gimp2 for example) is present other times the icon is present but doesn't do anything. Afer a failure occurs no other extensions will install.

The applications I have been installing are: Mplayer(2), Asunder, audacious, opera, minefield, emelfm2, leafpad, beaver, Ace of penquins, flash, lame, ogg, flack and oo2. I have tried many different combinations and sooner or later a failure occurs.

According to "top" I have plenty of memory.

Note all bootups were done norestore nolocal tce=sda1.

My computer is currently in the failed state if someone wants me to try something I can do it now.

You are probably running out of loop devices. The default now is 8, which will be raised to 80 in the next kernel update.

To fix that, add "max_loop=100" to your boot arguments. HTH

Thanks. That fixed everything. Wow that's an important boot code to know!

this won't be important with 80 loop files, but i'm guessing that any tcz's with dependencies will use a loop for each?

Jason W:
Yes, tcz's each use one loop file each whether they are installed as dependencies or not. 


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