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Mplayer-gtk2.tcz has an error when it starts - ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf

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 Mplayer-gtk2.tcz  has error on start - "New face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. Please supply the text font file ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf.

Note, if Mplayer-gtk1.tcz  is installed first Mplayer2 works.

Jason W:
That message comes up when you have no subfonts installed.  There is a symlink in the tcz and tce:

/home/tc/.mplayer/subfont.ttf -> /usr/share/fonts/luxisr.ttf

It uses an already installed ttf font in the base system.  It sounds like the /home/tc/.mplayer/subfont.ttf file has been deleted as to why the error message pops up.  Installing mplayer-gtk1 would restore the subfont.ttf and that is why the message went away after loading mplayer-gtk1.  I just booted with "tinycore base nolocal norestore" and Mplayer-svn-gtk2.tcz does not show that error message and the subfont is installed correctly with the extension.

The mplayer2 problem appears to happen when it is installed after emelfm2.tcz and opera.tcz.

Jason W:
I rebooted (tinycore nolocal norestore base) and installed emelfm2.tcz and the tcz version of Opera and Mplayer still worked ok.  Please give as much info on your setup as you can so we can pinpoint the problem.

I see what's happening now. I think this is a general operational problem that can happen in the tinycore extension system. I am using the optional install method for all extensions. I also have backup turned on. It looks like the backup of the system at shutdown saves the state of the system as it relates to the extensions that were loaded at the time. When the system is started back up it restores the system (unless norestore is used) to a state that may be incompatible with the installation of new extensions. I found this to be the case with audacity, gimp2 and Mplayer-2.

This presents an interesting challenge. It looks like the only safe way to use optional install when it involves several extensions is to not use the backup system and restore.

edit: Correction, it's audacious, asunder, gimp2, Mplayer2, opera, flash and emelfm(1&2) that I have had "combinatorial" extension loading problems with. This occurred over several days of loading extensions with many backup and restores.


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