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User mirroring of the repo.

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Jason W:
Ibiblio has been kind enough to grant us server space and bandwidth to host Tinycore.  I have from the start kept a mirror of our stuff on ibiblio since I am the one responsible for maintaining extensions and their sources on the server.  And as the keeper of our repo, I feel the need to mention my concern for the trend of users to download the entire ibiblio repo.  I know there are one or some of you that maintain a copy of the tcz repo to run checks on for discrepencies and report back to us.  As always we appreciate help in finding errors and those kind of things.  But for the average user unless there is a good reason, such as setting up a company intranet wide extension server, planning for an extended period with no web access,  or whatever, I am asking users not to engage in downloading the entire repo.  It is being a much better patron of ibiblio to download what you need to your tce directory.  The appsaudit and tce-update tools will keep your extensions up to date without rsyncing or wgetting the entire repo.

Our full tinycore/ directory contains 11GB of data.  There really is no reason that a normal user needs to sync this to their PC.  You may notice that at times ibiblio seems slow.  Users syncing that 11GB of data (or the 1.9GB /tcz repo directory) can only contribute to that slowness.  

Gentoo has rules set up on their servers that limit the amount of "emerge --sync" that can be done in a days time based on IP address.  And they ask their community to respect the resources of their servers.  I am simply asking the TC community to show ibiblio the same respect.  I would rather us police ourselves than to force ibiblio to place limits on Tinycore.

I fear I may be guilty of this, as I maintain an internal mirror for use on multiple TC machines.
However, I only perform this sync once a day around 01:11 CST (07:11 GMT).
I do not download the entire repo, my script uses the following basic algorithm:
* Download info.lst file
* For each entry XXX in info.lst:
** Download XXX.md5.txt file
** If local XXX.md5.txt is missing, or does not match:
**** Download extension files (XXX.tcz, XXX.dep, XXX.list, XXX.info)

The script then builds the local info.lst and an index.html file similar to one found on Ibiblio

Is this acceptable ? If not, then what would you suggest I change ?

I realize there are some mirrors I could use, but I believe there is nothing "official".
Perhaps the project could maintain a mirrors.lst file in the repository directory that contains a list of "official" mirrors. This way, I (and others like me) could download this list and use a mirror.
If this works, then eventually, appbrowser could be modified to take advantage of the mirror list as well.

I am working on a mirrors.lst.  But it use will be via Select Mirror GUI from the Control Panel.
appbrowser, ab, and appbrowser-cli get the site via /opt/.tcrc. Select Mirror is the GUI for maintenace of that file.

Is there any reason why you should not place the mirrors.lst file in the repository directory ?
By placing the mirrors.lst file in the repository, the Select Mirrors, Control Panel GUI could have an option to allow the user to download the most recent mirrors list.

Why not mirrors.tcz ?


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