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How many kinds of VMs did Tiny Core Linux 2.7 support?


will TC act right on these VMs?

Short answer, Tinycore is the ideal Guest System for nearly any virtual machine.

You need to differentiate, a virtual machine needs

* the Host System of the real computer and
* the Guest System for the additional virtual computer
In general Tinycore can't be used as Host System.

Usually an existing 'full sized' operation system, for example a Windows system like Windows7, Vista or XP or a Linux system like Ubuntu, is used as Host Systems.

To use Tinycore as Host System you would need a corresponding extension. Until now there is only the Qemu emulator extension available.

But Tinycore is the ideal Guest System for virtual machines.

It's small and fast and can be used by any virtual machine which accepts the Linux 2.6 kernel as Guest.

For details see the Wikipedia Comparison.

What concerns  modern virtual machines some forum members prefer VMware and its free VMplayer as the paid version of VMware has got better server functionality.

I prefer Sun's Virtual Box, which is free for private and commercial use and has got great Guest Additions, offering folder sharing, autoresize of the Virtual Box window and seamless mouse functions.

Kingdomcome made these Guest Additions available for Tinycore as
extension VBox-OSE-additons.tcz
which can be installed via appbrowser within the running Guest System.

Installation screenshots can be found here.


--- Quote from: thinke365 on December 28, 2009, 05:41:07 PM ---will TC act right on these VMs?

--- End quote ---
TC should be supported on any x86 VM.  There is only one reported exception: there has been some reports of problems running some versions of TC on MS VPC out-of-the-box.


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