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Moving repo from .tczl,.tczm,.tczlm to .tcz

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Arslan S.:
i can't see rename in coreutils  ???

Jason W:
Oops, make that util-linux-ng, not coreutils.

Jason W:
I will use "mv" in the above set of commands as a "base norestore" boot to adjust the tce directory is supported that way.

Thanks Jason and the "TC team" for going through with this repository simplification. That was a nice post-Xmas surprise as I'm catching up with "events in TC".

For those connoisseurs of "elegant regular expressions", I'd like to offer a candidate:
It seem to have worked well on my private mirror repository, which is after execution of the following two command sequences again in sync with the "master" repository:

--- Code: ---ls | grep '\.tcz[lm]' | while read old ; do
    new=` echo $old | sed 's/\.tcz[lm]\{1,2\}/.tcz/' `
    mv $old $new

ls | grep -E '\.tcz\.(dep|info|md5\.txt)$' | while read file ; do
    grep -q '\.tcz[lm]' ${file} || continue
    sed -i 's/\.tcz[lm]\{1,2\}/.tcz/g' ${file}

--- End code ---

Jason W:

Time has been tight lately and I was not able to investigate a better scripting to post.  I tried yours and it works like a charm. 


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