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Moving repo from .tczl,.tczm,.tczlm to .tcz

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--- Quote from: curaga on January 13, 2010, 09:19:23 AM ---Did you convert minefield to tcz yourself? It's one of those that requires more than just the conversion to work.

If you did, try downloading the tcz. I just tested on a plain 2.7 that it still works.

--- End quote ---

$ md5sum /mnt/sda2/tce/maria/minefield.tcz
1504968fde676db8df4d8bf5df9846ad  /mnt/sda2/tce/maria/minefield.tcz

Same one I was using prior, from the public repository.

I was reviewing the list of extensions I posted above and
noted the graphics one with the kernel revision number
isn't among them; that hasn't been installed.  My system
has a hardware dependency on the graphics extension,
and apparently attempting to run minefield unmasks
the problem.  Or so I'm conjecturing (can't test this atm).

My whole theory discounts hardware dependencies; I
didn't think it mattered what I evolved back into the
system, in which sequence.


starting over without a .filetool.lst seems to have made it behave.


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