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Moving repo from .tczl,.tczm,.tczlm to .tcz

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Jason W:
Tonight all the extensions in the 2.x repo will be renamed to a single .tcz suffix as has been planned.  All users are encouraged to use Tinycore 2.7 or above from now on as the single extension name is already supported in 2.7.

Those who wish to stick with older versions will need to run the tce-notify daemon to handle ldconfig/depmod upon extension loading during runtime.  More will be explained about tce-notify later today, but best to simply run a current version of TC.  This change will help stabilize extension names in the repo between extension updates/changes and also make extension names easier to remember.

Existing tce directories will need to either be redownloaded or converted.  I will provide the script I am using to convert the repo so redownloading will hopefully not be necessary for most folks.  For those who are going to convert their tce directory, I would advise using tce-update before the change so extensions are current and in line with the repo now.

Let me know if there are any questions, and more on tce-notify will be explained before the change.

Also, any extensions submitted need to be named *.tcz rather than the previous way.  Extensions in the gmail account will be converted to the new name format and uploaded when the repo conversion is complete.

tce-notify.tcz has been posted.

In TC/MC older than 2.7, this extension should be loaded first, as only extensions loaded after it can benefit from its handling. The recommended way to do that is to include that extension in /opt/tce, so that it gets loaded before the usual tce directory is processed.

This is a stopgap measure; upgrading is recommended. The daemon runs both ldconfig and depmod for every extension, so using it will put additional load on the system compared to the previous behavior.

Jason W:
Conversion complete.  Before you download more extensions, please convert your existing tce repo with this little script:

--- Code: ---#!/bin/sh

for I in `ls *.tcz*`; do
  NEWNAME=`echo "$I" | sed -e 's:\.tcz[lm]:\.tcz:g' -e 's:\.tcz[lm]:\.tcz:g'`
  if [ ! "$I" == "$NEWNAME" ]; then
mv "$I" "$NEWNAME"

sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.dep
sed -i 's:\.tczm:\.tcz:g' *.dep
sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.dep
sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.info
sed -i 's:\.tczm:\.tcz:g' *.info
sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.info
sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.md5.txt
sed -i 's:\.tczm:\.tcz:g' *.md5.txt
sed -i 's:\.tczl:\.tcz:g' *.md5.txt

--- End code ---

Either be running as "base norestore" or use another tce directory than the one your are converting.  Hope all goes well and don't hesitate if there are any questions.


--- Code: ---tc@box:~$ rename
sh: rename: not found

--- End code ---

Jason W:
Coreutils is needed.

Also I amended the set of commands above since there is one extension that evaded the initial commands.  I spent time trying for a more elegant use of sed for replacing the 'tczl,tczlm,tczml' with tcz, but as I was short on time I just used something simple that worked.  " sed -i 's:\.tcz[lm][lm]:\.tcz:g' filename " only works with replacing tczlm or tczml and does not replace tczm or tczl.  I will find the sed solution but results were the primary goal.


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