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Hello and a merry christmas!

I use Tiny Core 2.7 on my EEEPC 4G. My screen resolution is only 640x480x24. I installed 915resolution, but without success. In /tmp/tcloop ... 915resolution I found "1024x600", but that is wrong.

What is your christmas-idea?



--- Quote from: geobroe on December 24, 2009, 01:02:26 AM ---My screen resolution is only 640x480x24.

--- End quote ---
Mayby you could try bootcode vga=786 (duno with or without extension)
see FAQ

Did you try something like this - after loading the extension and before "startx":
--- Code: ---$ sudo 915resolution 50 1280 800
--- End code ---

Yes, I did

915resolution 50 800 480 - but  after reboot the screen-colors are wrong, I think blue is missing.
In /tmp/tcloop/915resolution/usr/local/tce.installed I see: "50 1024 600"
With 915resolution -l I see, that the resolution 800x480 is not there.

Thanks, geobroe

Is this the latest version of 915resolution from the repo? It sounds like you have a start-up script in the version you have that shouldn't be there?


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