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samba3 extension posted.

I'll start to look at the possibility of a gui front-end - there are several to choose from, does anybody have a particular favourite?

Well, after a lot of googling and a fair amount of monkeying around with my own compilations and now the extension, I have managed to get samba to run.  Two directories need to be created (along with your smb.conf) before samba starts up happily.

--- Code: ---sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/samba /etc/samba/private
--- End code ---
I believe it would also be wise to add these dirs plus contents to your backup

Thanks again!

P.S. - Juanito, while you are editing .dep files, can you take a look at cups.dep? ref: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=394.0

Several applications - eg cups, dbus and samba seem to have the trait of not wanting to create directories they need in order to be able to run. Later versions of cups appear to have dropped this "feature" but, as you point out, samba (and dbus) kept it.

I'd previously added a wrapper script to test for missing directories/conf files with cups and (maybe) samba, but I really don't know enough about samba to know the full range of directories/conf files that might be needed for its many uses.

Perhaps we can capture the various samba comments in this thread and I'll add them to the info file every now and again.

BTW, if you're working on an extension, please feel to say so in the forum so we avoid duplicating our efforts

At my knowledge level, I would not have felt comfortable submitting this extension had I gotten it to make without errors.  After loading your extension and turning on syslog was I able to track down the 2 missing directories.  After 6 hours of running through a couple reboots, I have not found any other problems.  A wrapper script might just be the key to have samba fully functional out of the box.
Thank you very much for your work on TinyCore and your response.  The smarts and williness to share by the people surrounding this project is why I am here.  This samba extension is the last puzzle piece I was looking for to be able to upgrade my old P1 boxes from DSL.

FYI, I've just installed samba3.tcel (using 1.4.3) and I had to create the two directories (indicated in Kingdomcome's post) before samba would start.  Although I've been using linux for 4+ years I still consider myself a n00b and if it wasn't for Kingdomcome's post I would have had no idea why smbd wasn't starting.


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